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Best Pour Over Coffee Makers in 2020


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Pour Over Coffee Makers
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Avid coffee drinkers want their java to be perfect. As a fellow coffee lover, I expect perfection and consistency in every cup. Coffee needs to be an experience rather than just a drink. We think the pour-over coffee method is probably the best way to make and drink coffee. We recommend the Chemex Classic Series Coffee Maker as our choice for the best overall pour-over coffee maker. It is made of high-quality borosilicate that does not impart any other flavors, so you can make a brew as strong as you like without bitterness.

Best Overall: Chemex Classic Series Coffee Maker

Chemex pour over coffee hero

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The Chemex Classic Series Coffee Maker is a timeless coffee maker with a visually appealing design. It features an hour-glass design that makes waiting for your perfect cup a delight. Made from Borosilicate glass, this pour-over coffee maker is non-porous and will not absorb odors. The purity of the resulting coffee can be stored in the fridge for later without losing any of the flavors.

With a capacity of three cups or one pint, the Chemex is very easy to use and is dishwasher safe. Just remember to remove the wooden handle first. You can also hand wash it with warm soap and water; it really is low maintenance. The Chemex Classic Series Coffee Maker comes equipped with a wooden center to keep your hands protected from the heat. You won’t have to worry about accidentally scolding your hands while pouring a cup for yourself and a close friend. Regardless, be careful as the wooden handle may slip.


  • Non-porous material gives a clean taste
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Stylish wooden handle


  • The wooden handle may slip

Best Overall

Best Pour Over Coffee Makers in 2020 2

Chemex Classic Series Coffee Maker

A stylish pour-over coffee maker

The beautiful artsy glass shape will not only look classy in your kitchen, but it will also provide an excellent cup of coffee.

Best Value: HIC Harold Import Co. 2664 Coffee Filter Cone, No.4, Black


Source: Amazon

For those of you who are looking for the biggest bang for the buck, we suggest this plastic coffee filter cone from HIC. It is cheap and designed for manual pour-over coffee brewing and has the capacity for 8 to 12 cups.

The plastic is lightweight, food-safe, and non-breakable so that you can carry the cone with you. Once you get used to brewing your coffee this way you will want to let your friends know about it, or even buy them the same. They will appreciate you even more. This coffee filter cone is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and simple to use. This cone has four holes at the bottom to deliver the coffee, so care should be taken not to quickly pour the water over the coffee as it may spill over.


  • Plastic material is lightweight and easy to clean
  • Great value for low cost
  • Easy to clean


  • Cone protrudes into the cup and may displace coffee
  • Not a kitchen showpiece

Best Value

Best Pour Over Coffee Makers in 2020 4

HIC Harold Import Co. 2664 Coffee Filter Cone, No.4, Black

A great cheap alternative for pour-over coffee brewing

Get fuss-free reliable results every time. The plastic material is food-safe, BPA free, and will not degrade over time.

Best Cone: Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Maker

 Hario pour over coffee lifestyle

Source: Hario

The Hario V60 sits on the top of your mug or carafe while brewing and comes in a variety of colors so you can pick one that suits your decor. The single large hole can change the coffee taste according to the speed of water flow, so you will need to gain some experience to reach your optimum taste. The experimentation will be worth it.

This is a dishwasher safe coffee dripper that is easy to use and brews one to three cups of coffee at a time. Smart innovation is the spiral ribbing on the inside of the cone that allows for maximum expansion of the coffee. It is a personal choice, but many drinkers prefer the ceramic model since the ceramic body retains the heat for a constant temperature throughout the brewing cycle. Unfortunately, the water flow rate may cause the paper filter to break.


  • Full control over the coffee-making process
  • Ribbing in the cone allows for coffee expansion
  • The ceramic material is non-porous


  • The large hole may cause the filter to break

Best Cone

Best Pour Over Coffee Makers in 2020 6

Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Maker

A cone for a single cup pour at a time

This cone is excellent for the home and a small office, especially for the coffee connoisseur.

Best for Outdoors: Munieq Tetra Drip Coffee Maker


Source: Munieq

A true coffee connoisseur will want their perfect java no matter if they are home or out camping. Here is a coffee maker built to accompany you anywhere. The minimalist plastic design is lightweight, easy to assemble, and compatible with cone filters, and it makes about 3.5 cups.

When you are finished, simply separate the three parts and put away the flat pieces in any pouch. The whole Munique Tetra Drip pour-over coffee maker weighs less than the change in your pocket, assuming you still carry cash with you. This coffee dripper is very easy to clean either in a dishwasher or by hand using warm soap and water.


  • All the pieces come apart
  • Very easy to clean
  • Take it anywhere

Best for Outdoors

Best Pour Over Coffee Makers in 2020 8

Munieq Tetra Drip Coffee Maker

A portable coffee maker you can take anywhere

There is no reason to sacrifice your love for your brew. Take this pour-over coffee maker anywhere.

Best for Entertaining: Bodem Coffee Maker

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

Source: Bodum

We all like friends coming over, but this coffee maker may make them stay. The slow brew will intoxicate the nostrils as the permanent steel mesh filter will not trap any essential oils that a paper filter would. The borosilicate glass delivers a clean-tasting brew that you can repeat again and again. An elegant design, this Bodum Coffee Maker will make a beautiful addition to your kitchen.

Pour a small amount of water in a circular motion over the coffee until it is soaked and then add the rest of the water. Then just enjoy the drip. It makes eight cups of coffee and is dishwasher safe. That goes for the steel mesh also.

The thin glass can lose the heat quickly.


  • Stainless steel mesh filter
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Large sizes available


  • Pour slowly as the coffee may spill over
  • Not really suitable for one cup brewing

Best for Entertaining

Best Pour Over Coffee Makers in 2020 10

Bodem Coffee Maker

Make enough coffee to entertain your guests

This is an excellent pour-over coffee maker for a larger group. The borosilicate glass is non-porous and dishwasher safe

Best for Gifting: COSORI Pour Over Coffee Maker

Cosori Pour Over Coffee Maker Lifestyle

Source: COSORI

If you know someone who is just thinking of switching to pour-over coffee, this one is a great gift option. It provides full control and customization of the brewing process, allowing you to adjust water temperature and flow as well as coffee ground concentration to your liking.

The borosilicate glass decanter can hold up to 34 ounces of coffee or about eight cups, enough for entertaining as well. And it comes with a stainless steel filter that allows the fine oils of the grounds to infuse the coffee. Plus, it’s easy to clean in the dishwasher (along with the decanter) and eliminates the need for paper filters. Because the decanter is thermal-resistant, you can even heat up the water on the stovetop using a low flame.

The coffee maker comes with everything you’d need, including a BPA-free scoop, solid wooden sleeve, and a handy manual that has professional tips and coffee-to-water ratios to help you get started.


  • Stainless steel filter
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Thermal-resistant decanter
  • Manual with pro advice


  • Can only hold up to 8 cups
  • Expensive

Best for Gifting

Best Pour Over Coffee Makers in 2020 12

COSORI Pour Over Coffee Maker

The perfect gift

For someone who’s just looking to get into pour-over coffee making, this one has everything they’d need to get started.

Bottom line

Drinking coffee is a personal experience that should be enjoyed to the full extent. So when it comes to selecting the best overall, why not go with the classic Chemex Classic Series Coffee Maker. It’s a very stylish pour-over coffee maker that will give you years of consistent quality, and look good in the kitchen. We believe this coffee maker is the best in combining form and function.

It delivers consistent, high-quality coffee, so you can concentrate on enjoying rather than worrying about the taste. And with the non-porous material, you can expect that clean taste every time you brew. Plus, the stylish wooden handle gives it that little extra touch. It’s the perfect choice for any pour-over coffee lover.

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