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Your pets are part of your family. You take pictures of your animals, include them in activities, and feed them and love them. Want to give something back to your four-legged friend for all their loyal years of service? These are the best pet gadgets around. Some will help you keep an eye on your furry friends while others reward good behavior and give your best pal something to do when you’re not home.

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This Wi-Fi camera keeps encrypted files on an SD card that only you can access. With 1080P Night Vision, you get clear images night or day of your pets inside or out. This video camera has motion detection that alerts you when your pet is on the move. And with two-way audio, you can tell your dog to get off the couch even when you’re in the office.

$26 at Amazon

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Eliminate matted fur and stray pet hair without scissors or stressing out your dog or cat. The FURminator does away with loose fur without damaging skin or hair. Comb your pet gently, press the eject button, and hair releases with ease. The FURminator is ideal for large dogs and cats with long hair.

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Keep the felines entertained and off the furniture with this ingenious large play rug. It’s perfect for scratching, grooming, sleeping, and playing. This multi-functional activity center includes ripples and tunnels with infinite configurations to keep kitties entertained.

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If your dog loves to play catch, but you don’t have the arm for it, the ChuckIt! ball launcher is one of the best gadgets on the market. Place a tennis ball inside the launcher, pull back, and throw. Balls fly through the air like a Major League baseball player threw them.

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Program up to 12 meals for your pets with this automatic battery-powered feeder. Portion sizes can be adjusted as needed, and food always stays fresh in the airtight container. There’s even a slow feed option for pets who chow down too quickly. This setup is pet-proof and designed to keep prying paws from stealing food.

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Save cash and time by trimming your cat’s nails yourself. These professional cat nail clippers are just for small breeds, so they work on cats, puppies, rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and more.

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It’s true, we don’t deserve dogs. Treat your pooch and show them love while you’re away with Furbo! There’s a 1080P Full HD camera with Night Vision hidden inside this treat dispenser. With two-way audio and barking alert, you can talk to your pal and toss him treats while you’re gone, plus keep an eye on the place.

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What could be more convenient than an automatic laser pointer? This battery-operated laser randomly moves across floors and walls and has an auto shut-off.

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Take long walks over smooth or rough terrain with your small dog or cat. Suitable for pets up to 70 pounds, this stroller comes with a zipperless entry, airless tires, a cup holder, and a storage basket. It’s ideal for older pets or as a more comfortable way to take your friend to the vet.

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Crinkly material, peepholes, and a bell toy make this tunnel an excellent choice for active cats, rabbits, and even small dogs. When not in use, this folds down into a small hoop for painless storage.

$18 at Amazon

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The best pet gadgets are the ones that improve your life and that of your animals. Unless you have an electronic pet, accidents happen. Find wet and dry stains quickly with this handheld blacklight flashlight from Vansky. With 51 UV LEDs, this light can sniff out big and small accidents in any area of your house or vehicle.

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It may look like a clay pot planter, but it’s a large capacity litter box. A filtered venting system controls odors and this tucks nicely in any corner or room so your cat can do his business in private.

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Get a handle on feeding times with the Did You Feed the Dog panel. Slide the magnets from left to right to indicate that the dog has been fed to keep his weight and appetite in check. Smart!

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The Midwest Spree Travel Pet Carrier is easy to assemble and tear down. It’s big enough for small dogs and cats. Use it to go to the vet, across town in the car, or when traveling on vacation.

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Provide clean water day and night with this pet water fountain. Great for cats and small to medium-sized dogs, this unit comes with a water filter and holds 1.3 gallons of fresh H2O.

Only the best for your pet

Helpful pet gadgets abound and make it easier than ever to challenge your dog, play with your cat, and find messes you didn’t even know existed. When you want to check in with your animal friend while at work or on-the-go, my favorite, the Victure 1080P Pet Camera, is the tool for you. The combination of night vision, two-way audio, and motion-detecting sensors turn this simple camera into a powerful gadget that provides company to your pet and peace of mind to you.

You can keep your dog, cat, and home looking good with the FURminator. Available in a variety of styles to suit your dog (or cat’s) coat and body size, this brilliant brush gently combs away loose hair on pets before the fur has a chance to settle on your floor.

And if you have a dog that loves to fetch, one of the best pet gadgets is the ChuckIt! Ball Launcher. Great for backyards and beach days, the ChuckIt! lets you pick up a ball hands-free and throw it long distances.

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