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Best OnePlus 7T Cases in 2020


OnePlus 7T Cases
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The best cases for the OnePlus 7T are those that keep it looking good while protecting its metal back from scratches and dents. With the OnePlus 7T, the company made one of its best-looking phones ever, and we’ve scoured the internet to find the best cases to fit your perfect style.

Staff pick

Spigen may be best known for the Rugged Armor, but walk past it and get the Liquid Air. It’s got a much better grip thanks to the texture all across the back and sides, it’s the same thickness, and it just looks much fresher than the carbon fiber accents.

$12 at Amazon

Best OnePlus 7T Cases in 2020 3

This is a divisive look for a case: half my coworkers hate it and the other half love it. If you’re in the Love category, this is a clear case that will protect your phone while still showing it off. I like the Space Blue, but Camo Black looks fierce, too.

$13 at Amazon

Best OnePlus 7T Cases in 2020 5

Urban Armor Gear knows how to make cases that can take a beating while still looking awesome. The Plasma series is the clear line of ultra-durable cases, and I’m happy to see it offered for the 7T, though the Monarch’s leather would’ve been awesome, too.

$40 at Amazon

Best OnePlus 7T Cases in 2020 7

If you take your OnePlus 7T to the absolute extremes, this is for you! This 360-degree case is said to be waterproof, dirtproof, dustproof, and snowproof, and it even comes with a buoyancy strap for those kayaking adventures.

$21 at Amazon

Best OnePlus 7T Cases in 2020 9

Available in four colors — blue, black, gray, and red — this clear case is more robust than the one OnePlus gives you in the box while also drawing attention to that big, beefy camera module on the back.

$11 at Amazon

Best OnePlus 7T Cases in 2020 11

In the age of digital payments, you don’t really need to carry a wallet around with you — just a couple of cards and maybe some cash. This wallet case will keep things simple, clean, and thin.

$9 at Amazon

Best OnePlus 7T Cases in 2020 13

While the OnePlus 7T isn’t sold in OnePlus’s signature red, but you can still get that shocking red with this grippy silicone case. If you tend to be a butterfingers, this is the case for you!

$30 at OnePlus

Best OnePlus 7T Cases in 2020 15

If you aren’t a huge fan of the clear case that OnePlus included with the 7T, Qoosea’s clear case is a flexible, affordable alternative that will let you fully show off the 7T’s natural colors.

$3 at Amazon

Best OnePlus 7T Cases in 2020 17

If you prefer your cases to be ultra-thin, Anccer’s hardshell cases are a lightweight option so long as you don’t constantly swap cases. The color selection is a bit light, but that Gravel Green looks enticing.

$13 at Amazon

The best OnePlus 7T cases

Spigen makes a decent number of cases for OnePlus phones these days, and I’m super happy that the 7T gets the Liquid Air instead of just the Rugged Armor because the Liquid Air has better grip and honestly a better look, too.

If you prefer your cases more heavy-duty, we have a waterproof option in the Mpaltor Waterproof Case and a name-brand heavy-duty case in the transparent and totally awesome UAG Plasma, which is a bit pricey but feels great and looks great in the hand.

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