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Best lawn mower deals — Save $300 on a 22-inch Robomow and more! (June 2020)


robomow rs612 best lawn mower deals

Summer is practically here, which means you probably find yourself spending a lot of time with your lawn mower. Sure, a trusty mower is nice, but wouldn’t you rather be enjoying the weather with your family? We’ve gone ahead and put together some of the best lawn mower deals to help you save time and money this summer.

Our list covers a full range of electric and gas push mowers and robot options with plenty of different deck sizes. However, we’ve chosen to leave out riding mowers for now. We’ve also listed a few pros and cons of each mower style at the start of each section to help you choose. After all, a good lawn mower should be built to last for years.

Best lawn mower deals

Editor’s note: We will update our list of the best lawn mower deals as new sales launch.

Electric lawn mowers

greenworks mower best lawn mower deals

There are two basic types of electric lawn mowers — cordless mowers and corded ones that rely on connected power to reach the edges of your lawn. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Cordless electric lawn mowers are generally more expensive than their plug-in cousins. This is because all you need is a charged battery and you’ll be able to mow just about anywhere you can take your mower. Cordless mowers often have different power modes so you can save a bit of energy on flat surfaces too. If your cordless mower relies on a removable 40V battery, you can easily replace it and double your mowing time.

On the other hand, corded electric mowers are often a bit cheaper because they utilize power cords instead of expensive batteries. Unfortunately, this means you can only mow where your extension cords can reach. You have to be mindful of your cord too otherwise you may cut it apart with the mower itself.

Here are our top picks:

Ryobi 20-inch 40V

ryobi 20 inch 40 volt mower

Ryobi’s 20-inch electric mower is the latest in a long line of powerful 40V tools. You can mow for up to 42 minutes on a single charge, and easily replace the battery to finish the job. The Ryobi mower is self-propelled with a brushless mower that automatically adjusts the power level for your terrain.

It offers seven trim heights to fit any yard and a three-in-one grass disposal method. The 40V Lithium battery also works with more than 40 other Ryobi tools.

Ego 21-inch Select Cut 56V

best lawn mower deals - ego 21 inch 56 volt electric mower

This 21-inch electric mower from Ego places flexibility and control in the palms of your hands. You can choose from seven adjustable deck heights and control the self-propelled speed with Touch Drive technology. Ego’s electric mower is powered by a larger 56-volt battery for up to one hour of runtime.

The 21-inch mower even boasts a Select Cut multi-blade system for an even cut across your whole yard. If your 7.5Ah battery dies mid-mow, it can be recharged in just about an hour.

EGo 21-Inch Select Cut 56-Volt Electric Mower Buy it Now

Save $50 .00 $599 .00

Greenworks 20-inch Corded

greenworks 20 inch corded mower

This Greenworks mower is a great pick for smaller yards because it’s the only corded option on the list. You’re only limited by the length of your extension cords but you’ll also never have a dead battery. The 20-inch Greenworks mower starts at the push of a button and the convenient folding handles make storage a breeze.

It features a durable steel deck and seven adjustable trim levels along with three-in-one grass disposal. Just make sure you have enough extension cords to cover your yard.

Greenworks 20-Inch Corded Electric Mower Buy it Now

Save $29 .46 $170 .53

Sun Joe 16-inch 40V

best lawn mower deals - sun joe 16 inch 40 volt mower

Sun Joe’s 16-inch electric mower packs the smallest deck on the list which makes it a prime pick if you have a small yard. Of course, it works for large yards too but you’ll end up mowing longer due to the size. You can adjust the deck to any of six heights and clear windows show your battery status as well as the fill level of your grass bag.

The Sun Joe mower cuts for up to 40 minutes with a single charge of the easily replaceable lithium-ion battery.

Sun Joe iON16LM 16-Inch 40-Volt Electric Mower Buy it Now

Save $153 .48 $246 .51

Gas lawn mowers

gas powered mower best lawn mower deals

Gas-powered mowers are a nice choice if you want to maximize your power and you’re not too worried about noise. You can mow anywhere your mower can reach, as long as you have enough gas. The extra power makes gas mowers the best pick if you have lusciously thick grass because some electric mowers may struggle.

One of the main downsides to gas mowers is the added maintenance. You not only have to keep gasoline on hand, but there are also more engine parts that can break and require costly trips to a repair shop. Most gas-powered mowers offer electric start mechanisms, but those can lead to costly repairs as well.

These are the best deals we found:

PowerSmart 21-inch 3-in-1

powersmart gas mower

If you’re looking for power and a large grass collection bag, look no further than this 21-inch PowerSmart mower. It can hold up to 18 gallons of clippings at once and the 170cc engine can keep you moving until the job is done. While you can only adjust to five unique deck heights, the PowerSmart cuts through thick weeds and plants with ease using the powerful engine.

Remington RM110 Trail Blazer 21-inch

remington rm110 mower

Remington’s 21-inch gas-powered Trail Blazer mower is an all-terrain ready option with a 132cc engine. Although the smaller engine sacrifices a bit of power, it’s lighter and easier to maneuver around edges and corners. Remington’s Trail Blazer is equipped with two disposal methods and a SureCut blade system that ensures an even cut across your entire yard.

Toro TimeMaster 30-inch

toro timemaster 30

If you’d much rather spend your weekend doing anything besides mowing, Toro’s TimeMaster might be your best bet. It uses a large 30-inch deck to cut more grass in fewer passes to help you get on with your day. You can easily adjust your speed and the 223cc engine packs plenty of power to cut through grass and weeds with ease. Toro boasts that the 30-inch deck can help you finish up to 40% faster compared to a 21-inch mower.

Robot lawn mowers

Husqvarna Automower 430x robot lawn mower best lawn mower deals

Robot lawn mowers, like robot vacuums, are some of the most expensive and advanced options on the market. They have varying degrees of autonomy, and many can be controlled with apps. This means that you can easily schedule your robot to mow with minimal effort, and some robot mowers are Alexa-compatible. Robot mowers are typically very quiet, so you could probably mow overnight without disturbing anyone’s sleep.

Though robot lawn mowers are convenient for the autonomous functionality, they do have to monitor the battery level and return to a charger occasionally. When this happens, you might end up with a half-mowed yard for a few hours as well as an out-of-place line where the mower returned to the hub.

Check out these options for a smarter mower:

Robomow RS612 22-inch

robomow rs612 product

The Robomow RS612 is a smaller sibling to a mower featured on our list of the best robot lawn mowers. It cuts grass at heights of up to 3.5-inches for two hours on a single charge, which is just about enough for one-quarter of an acre. Better yet, the Robomow can cut on slopes up to 20 degrees so you won’t have to worry about maneuvering a heavy push mower over tricky terrain.

Robomow’s RS612 is Alexa-enabled and supports the My Robomow app so you can start your mower any time you want. It’s also capable of detecting rain and high humidity and will only cut in safe conditions.

Worx WR140 Landroid M

Worx WR140 Landroid M

The final option on today’s list also happens to have the best name — Worx WR140 Landroid M. It’s a true fully automated robot mower that can cover up to one-quarter acre on a single charge. Not only that, but the Landroid M is a safe orange color so it’s easy to spot in your yard. If it rains, the mower will return to the hub and charge while it waits for conditions to improve.

The Landroid M also comes with a variety of handy functions, such as an anti-collision system and virtual no-go zones.

That just about covers our list of the best lawn mower deals available right now! Of course, there are plenty of other ways to give your smart home a boost, so you might want to consider a few of these resources too:

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