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If you have an iPhone that supports iOS 14, chances are that you’ve seen articles floating around the web or posts from your friends about their “fancy” new iPhone homescreen the past few days. Today, we’ve gathered the best icon packs to help you design a homescreen for your iPhone that looks gorgeous.

It seems that iOS 14 had a secret gem that no one noticed during the beta period. You can now customize your iPhone home screen using Siri shortcuts and custom app icons. As you can imagine, Twitter and Pinterest users went crazy, sharing their creations, leading to Pinterest having a record app download week.

This trend reminds me of 2013 when everyone was jailbreaking their iPhones to install themes and change the UI. Fast-forward to seven years later, and you can actually do that with the official OS. Who knew? That doesn’t mean that everyone ends up with a fancy iOS 14 homescreen, though. In fact, most homescreens we’ve seen under the #iOS14Homescreens hashtag that’s trending on Twitter are the opposite of clean, minimalistic UIs, so we wanted to help.

We rolled up our sleeves, brewed some fresh coffee, and went on a mission to find you the best iOS 14 icon packs so that you can customize your iPhone’s homescreen easily. Keep in mind that we’re featuring premium icon packs since they’re the fastest way to customize your homescreen. This takes into consideration that the designers behine each pack carefully created them following certain guidelines and assembled the icon pack (which could take many hours). Full transparency, we don’t earn a commission, and these creators haven’t sponsored this post.

Ultimate iOS 14 Homescreen Setup Guide

If you’re looking for a guide on how to get started with customizing your iOS14 homescreen, feel free to check out this thorough video by MKBHD.

Best Icon Packs for your iOS 14 Homescreen

Elegant Monochrome Icon Pack by Traf

Elegant Monochrome Icon Pack by Traf

A premium minimalistic icon set by Traf. You can download it here for $28.

Gray Neutral Aesthetic iPhone iOS14

Gray Neutral Aesthetic iPhone iOS14

Gray Neutral Aesthetic App Icons with Gray Abstract iPhone Wallpaper

One of our favorite sets by Anna Nicole Studios that you can download for just $7 here.

MINIMALIST IOS 14 - App Icons (Cover Photos, Widget Covers, App Icon Pack + Wallpaper)

Minimalist iOS14 Icon Pack by Bitter Lip Media

Minimalist iOS14 Icon Pack

This icon pack also comes with its own wallpaper, and it costs less than $2. It already has 300+ downloads on Etsy.

iOS App Icons Black for iOS14

Black iOS 14 Icons by Defectss

iOS 14 Black App Icons

Another great set by Defectss on Etsy, with hundreds of app icons included in the package, this is among our top 5 elegant designs. You can get it directly from Etsy for $12.

iOS 14 Custom App Icon Pack • iOS 14 Icons • iOS Aesthetic • Minimal • Neutrals & Beiges

Custom iOS 14 Icon Pack by Senses Studio

55 Beige Icons by Senses Studios

It seems that beige app icons are dominating the search results the past couple of days, but this one stands out if you combine it with the wallpaper that it comes with. Get it from Etsy for $5.

iOS 14 Aesthetic Icon Set Dark Color Icons 48 icons Icons image 0 iOS 14 Aesthetic Icon Set Dark Color Icons 48 icons Icons image 1 iOS 14 Aesthetic Icon Set Dark Color Icons 48 icons Icons image 2 iOS 14 Aesthetic Icon Set Dark Color Icons 48 icons Icons image 3 iOS 14 Aesthetic Icon Set Dark Color Icons 48 icons Icons image 4 workwithstellio 293 sales 293 sales | 5 out of 5 stars iOS 14 Aesthetic Icon Set, Dark, Color

48 App Icon Set by Stellianos Koutsis

Dark Color iOS 14 Aesthetic Icon Set

Stellianos has created a beautiful dark UI icon set that you can download from Etsy for $8.

iOS 14 Iconset with 3 Styles

iOS 14 Iconset With Three Styles

A flat-design inspired icon set by FerdiCildizUX. This one is available from Creative Market for $12.

Launch Center Pro

Create Your Own Custom Icons with Launch Center Pro

Create your own icons with Launch Center Pro

You can also use Launch Center Pro to create custom icons.

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