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Best Google Pixel 5 Accessories 2020


Google Pixel 5 Accessories
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The Google Pixel 5 is one of the best Android phones. It’s a stylish phone that can stand on its own, especially with that supremely suave Sorta Sage color and best-in-class photography. Because of these reasons, it deserves only the best accessories to keep it pristine and powered. From wireless chargers that beat Google’s own, to cases and headphones, we’ve gathered the best Pixel 5 accessories your phone deserves.

Staff Pick

This mesmerizing case has protected my last two Pixels with grace, and the colorways for the Pixel 5 are quite fetching. The Aqua Green will fit the green Pixel 5 perfectly while Burgundy and Navy Blue jazz up the black Pixel 5.

From $14 at Amazon

Best Google Pixel 5 Accessories 2020 3

This is the iconic case series we see from Google each year, and this year the fabric cases are made of recycled plastic and polyester. The result is a soft, vibrant case that’s machine-washable and microfiber-lined.

Best Google Pixel 5 Accessories 2020 5

Nothing will transform a phone into a paperweight faster than a broken screen, so guard yours with the extra impact protection of tempered glass. The pocketbook application process is also super simple.

$7 at Amazon

Best Google Pixel 5 Accessories 2020 7

Belkin’s fast chargers have been some of the most consistent for the Pixel 5, and unlike the Pixel Stand, this one will charge at 15W and won’t show every little speck of dust and dirt. It’s also more reasonably priced.

$40 at Amazon

Best Google Pixel 5 Accessories 2020 9

Not only do you get nice long, cables that are rated to charge laptops, much less your wonderful new Pixel 5, but you get two of them! One can live your backpack while the other hangs off your nightstand.

$9 at Amazon

Best Google Pixel 5 Accessories 2020 11

Not only does Anker make some of the most dependable power banks on the market, but they make a beautiful green one that perfectly complements the Sorta Sage Pixel 5. Power Delivery means you’ll get top speed, too.

Best Google Pixel 5 Accessories 2020 13

This charger has the smallest footprint I’ve seen for an 18-20W charger so far, giving you the top charging speed for your Pixel 5 while not taking up much room on your surge protector or in your gear bag.

$15 at Amazon

Best Google Pixel 5 Accessories 2020 15

This will only charge at 10W, not 15W, but iOttie’s mount is sturdy, long-lasting, and we know it works with the Pixel 5. Just as a gentle reminder when you’re taking long road trips, be wary of heat buildup.

Best Google Pixel 5 Accessories 2020 17

Google’s true wireless earbuds are expensive, to be sure, but they offer up amazing sound, comfort, and fit. Top that off with auto-adjusting volume that works surprisingly well and Assistant integration is on-point.

Best Google Pixel 5 Accessories 2020 19

Anker manages to cram in a hefty amount of battery life in the Soundcore Life Q30, and both the sound quality and the active noise canceling are improved. The headphones themselves also have a more polished feel.

Best Google Pixel 5 Accessories 2020 21

My little sister, like me, can be a bit prickly towards others at times, and this PopSocket is both a proud statement and a warning to all who approach: Swim at your own risk because if you cross us, we BITE!

Best Google Pixel 5 Accessories 2020 23

There are tripods in every shape and size available, but why not get something that’s cutely squishable and long-lasting? There are almost a dozen colors available, and most will play nice with the Sorta Sage Pixel 5.

From $10 at Amazon

Your Pixel 5 deserves the best accessories

There are a great many things your Pixel needs and quite frankly deserves if you’re going to use it to the fullest, but first and foremost forever is buy it one of the best Pixel 5 cases you can. I’m partial to the Caseology Parallax for its bold color options — including a stunning Aqua Green to complement the Sorta Sage Pixel 5 — and the added grip. Of course, if you’re anything like me, you’re also going to need a PopSocket, too, and even with the texturing on the back of the Parallax, a PopSocket still sticks to it easily.

After guarding the outside, you need to power the inside, since after all, a dead phone is just a paperweight. There are a handful of great wireless chargers that we know work with the Pixel 5, but the Belkin BoostCharge 15W Wireless Charging Stand is a cross-platform, more affordable, and more powerful version of the Pixel Stand, so it’s the wireless charger you should give your money to. It even works with Power Delivery, meaning that you don’t have to dig out an older Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 wall plug.

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