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Best gaming TVs you can buy today » Gadget Flow 2

Are you looking to upgrade your gaming setup in a big way? Check out our roundup of best gaming TVs. These incredible displays will show you detail and color as you’ve never experienced them. And with such clarity, you’ll definitely have an edge over the competition.

A gaming night at home wouldn’t be complete without the right equipment by your side. These include a stunning pair of gaming headphones, ergonomic keyboards, controllers, and of course, a big screen. Today’s gaming TVs are not just big screens but a lot more than that. They pack unmatched graphics, Dolby Atmos sound, and exquisite gaming features to make your game nights nothing less than a great theater experience.

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So today, we decided to highlight some of the best gaming TVs in our daily digest. From giant 65-inch screens to ones with full-array LED contrast, this list has some of the coolest gaming screens you must include in your gaming sessions.

Xiaomi TV Master 65-Inch OLED Television

Enjoy self-luminous technology instead of backlighting with the Xiaomi TV Master 65-Inch OLED Television. This OLED TV offers a variable refresh rate and a one millisecond response time, making it a perfect addition to this list of best gaming TVs and monitors.

TCL 6-Series Roku TV

The TCL 6-Series Roku TV offers a stunning 4K resolution . Connect it to your Roku to play games or watch movies. And while you play, the auto game mode delivers a fast-response experience.


A mid-sized option on this list of best gaming TVs is the LG OLED 48CX 4K Ultra HD TV. Now, you won’t have to devote seven feet of space in your house to experience deep blacks and impressive contrast.

Hisense L5 Series Smart Laser TV

You’ll get a show-stopping 100″ 4K UHD display with the Hisense L5 Series Smart Laser TV. This huge TV has a stunning resolution and connects via Wi-Fi, letting you access apps to play your favorite games.

Samsung Q800T 8K Televsion

You won’t believe the crisp images that the Samsung Q800T 8K Television produces, and you’ll love how immersed it will make you feel with its deep, sharp color. With its AI technology, this TV can even upscale your content to 8K quality.

Sony Master Series ZG9/Z9G 8K HDR TV

Another of our best gaming TVs is the Sony Master Series ZG9/Z9G 8K HDR TV. This TV will immerse you in every moment with its impressive audio and detailed images. Best of all, the voice assistant integration lets you find content with your voice.

LG NanoCell TV 8K LED Television

Your games will have incredibly high-definition resolution with the LG NanoCell TV 8K LED Television. This 8K TV has Nano Color Pro for a wide range of colors that will let you see every detail as you play in your favorite worlds.

Samsung The Terrace QLED 4K Outdoor Smart TV

Another of the best gaming TVs out there that will also let you game outside is the Samsung The Terrace QLED 4K Outdoor Smart TV. That’s right, this water and dust-proof TV is anti-reflective, and you can hang it in your patio.

Sony XH90 & XH92 4k TVs

You’ll be fully immersed in Full Array LED contrast with the Sony XH90 & XH92 TVs. Best of all, the 4K HDR Processor X1 means that the LED backlights offer local-dimming technology.

Samsung Q90T QLED Smart TV

Enjoy great visuals from any spot in your living room with the Samsung Q90T QLED Smart TV. With its Ultra Viewing Angle, it doesn’t matter if you’re gaming from the couch or the armchair at the side of the room, you’ll see everything.

LG Z9 8K Smart OLED TV

You’ll get 88 inches of incredible resolution with the LG Z9 8K Smart OLED TV. That’s four times as many pixels as a 4k display to enjoy your favorite games and worlds.

We hope you found this roundup of our best gaming TVs helpful. There are, really, so many great displays out there that will help your games be more than anything you’ve experienced before. Let us know which you’re adding to your wishlist in the comments.

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