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Best Drawing Apps for Android 2020


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Trying to find the best drawing apps for Android is a tall-order. There are so many options on the Play Store that it can be tough to sift through them all. However, there are a number that stand out from the crowd, offering something for the amateurs, the vector artists, or the full-on professionals. There are even a slew of drawing apps for kids, so you can get the little ones started early! These are the best drawing apps for Android that you can find on the Play Store today!

These are the best drawing apps for Android

SketchBook is an easy pick for our favorite drawing app, as you won’t have to worry about in-app purchases just to unlock features. The app has been featured on Samsung Galaxy Note devices thanks to the seamless integration and usefulness of the S Pen. However, the best part is you don’t have to have a Samsung device to take advantage of everything SketchBook has to offer.

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Those who are fluent with Adobe products will enjoy Adobe Photoshop Sketch. Just like every other app in the Adobe library, this syncs easily with the Creative Cloud, along with the company’s CreativeSync to make sure you have all of the tools that you created at your fingertips.

Forget all the extra brushes and complex interfaces. Simple Draw is the app that you open when you want to doodle a quick message, take some quick notes while on a phone call, or just to draw a smiley face to cheer yourself up throughout the day.

1. SketchBook – draw and paint

If you’ve owned a Samsung Galaxy Note device over the last few years, you may have heard about SketchBook. That’s because the app came pre-installed, giving people quick access to one of the best drawing apps on Android.

From precision tools to a quick and fluid UI, SketchBook has everything you could need, regardless of whether you’re just doodling or want to go more in-depth. There are almost 200 different brushes to choose from, and the app will even help you draw that straight line with “Predictive Stroke.”

Perhaps the best part about SketchBook is how the app is available everywhere. Get started with your drawing on your phone, then pick up where you left off at your computer with a Wacom tablet. There are no upfront costs, giving you all the more reason to give SketchBook a shot.

Draw anywhere

Best Drawing Apps for Android 2020 2

SketchBook – draw and paint

A must have for all artists

Whether you’re just doodling or going all the way, there’s no better option than SketchBook for your drawing needs. The app is quick, has all the tools you need, and is free to use.

2. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Adobe Photoshop Sketch Lifestyle

Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central

At it’s base-level, Adobe Photoshop Sketch is one of the best drawing apps for Android because it has all the tools you need and can be imported to other popular Adobe apps. You can add a multitude of layers as your drawing goes from concept to completion.

Adobe has made it so that you are able to customize your toolbar with the colors and tools you need to make your own art. Those subscribed to Adobe’s Creative Cloud will enjoy the quick and easy access to assets that were initially created on another device. Now you can pick them up and keep going from wherever you are.

Those who create or use custom files or designs can enjoy easy syncing, even if you end up switching to a new phone. Adobe has had its influence on the design and artistry game for awhile now, and Photoshop Sketch takes all of that knowledge and provides what you need in a simplistic, yet customizable interface.

Sketch and sync

Best Drawing Apps for Android 2020 4

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

For those in the Adobe camp

Photoshop Sketch may not be as robust as its photo-editing sibling, but it’s a fantastic way to create new works of art, especially if you’re already an Adobe user. Sync across all of your devices, then export it to your photo editor of choice.

3. Simple Draw

Simple Draw Lifestyle

Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central

Not everyone aspires to be a world-class artist, as there are just sometimes you want an app available to just doodle with. That’s where Simple Draw excels, due to the conscious decision to leave out overly-complicated tools or brushes. Just open the app, pick a color, and doodle away.

There are a few extra functions, such as changing the background color, being able to import your own image, or even make sure your phone doesn’t fall asleep. As for the drawings themselves, Simple Draw support various formats, including the most common and popular options such as PNG and JPG.

Simple Mobile Tools provides some of the best apps you can use to replace “stock” apps on your various devices, but there are others like Simple Draw that just stand out and help to get the job done, even if you didn’t realize you needed it.

Relaxing and simple

Best Drawing Apps for Android 2020 6

Simple Draw

Just open it and start drawing

Instead of relying on a bunch of tools that you’ll never use, Simple Draw keeps things, well, simple. Just open the app, pick the color you want, and start doodling to your hearts content.

The rest of the best drawing apps on Android

While these next apps may not have had enough to make our top three, they are still great alternatives. There’s something here for everyone, regardless of your skillset as an artist.

Infinite Painter

If you’re looking for an app that isn’t as “mainstream” as something like SketchBook or Photoshop, but you want the same power, then Infinite Painter is the way to go. The app features more than 160 different brush presets, along with the ability to create layers or even draw 3D cityscapes.

All of your most-needed advanced features are here, including the ability to turn a standard photo into a painting. Despite being as feature rich as the competition (if not more so) Infinite Painter prides itself on utilizing a simple and easy-to-understand interface.

All the tools

Best Drawing Apps for Android 2020 8

Infinite Painter

To infinity and beyond

With all the big-named apps out there, Infinite Painter can get lost in the shuffle. What it lacks in the backing of some other apps, it makes up for by being one of the best drawing apps for Android from start to finish.

Ibis Paint X

Whether you are creating a painting or designing the schematics of your dream home, Ibis Paint X has you covered. There are almost 400 different brush types to choose from, and an easy-to-use toolbar puts everything you need right where you want it.

Ibis Paint X has been downloaded more than 80 million times, so you know that there’s something good to be had here. The app is so robust that it can rival some desktop drawing apps, but gives you the power to draw, doodle, or design, from wherever your smartphone is.

Robust painting

Best Drawing Apps for Android 2020 10

Ibis Paint X

Not just for doodles

Ibis Paint X is one of those great apps that can have a slew of tools at your disposal, or just a few. Get started learning how to draw, then as your skills progress, add more to your repertoire with this app at your side.


There are a lot of great drawing apps on Android, but Artflow gets a leg up on the competition since it was designed to be your digital sketchbook. Artflow features a GPU-accelerated paint engine, and gives you the ability to create canvases measuring up to 6144-by-6144 pixels with up to 50 layers.

You can create custom brushes based on imported images, but the awesome part about Artflow comes with pressure simulation. There are a few different stylus pens available that can recognize the different amounts of pressure being used. Artflow is capable of recognizing this and will replicate that throughout your drawing.

Let it flow

Best Drawing Apps for Android 2020 12


Take your sketchbook everywhere

With Artflow, you can take advantage of the built-in paint engine, which renders your creations as fast as they are made. There’s even support to recognize the amount of pressure being applied by your stylus, provided that you have one that includes that feature.

Dotpict – Easy to Pixel Arts

Dotpict App Lifestyle

Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central

Are you trying to create a piece of art that is different from the rest? Or are you someone who just enjoys the world of pixel art? Dotpict is one of the best drawing apps for Android as it offers a different take on drawing. You won’t find overly-complicated tools, but do have the ability to enter the right “hex code” for the specific color that you’re looking for.

Maybe you just want to browse around and get some ideas on what to do next. Dotpict has a great gallery for you to peruse the creations of similar artists so you can take an idea and turn into something of your own. All of your work is automatically saved, and you can easy share or export it once you’ve finished.

The good pixels

Best Drawing Apps for Android 2020 14

Dotpict – Easy to Pixel Arts

Next-level pixel art

There are some that enjoy the brush strokes and different tools to create great works of art, but then there’s pixel art for those nostalgic about the 8-bit days, or just enjoy that style. Dotpict is the way to go as you can just open it up and get started or browse the community for ideas.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

While Adobe Photoshop Sketch is aimed at drawing freehand, Illustrator Draw provides more of a focus on vector artwork. Since this comes from Adobe, there’s simple integration with other Adobe offerings, including Sketch and the full-version of Illustrator.

All of your work is synced with the help of CreativeSync, and you can access files from other devices, along with Adobe’s library of Stock images, with the help of the Creative Cloud. The “Capture” feature makes it possible to create new stencil or vector shapes, and Draw features five different “pen tips” which are customizable to your liking.

Vector drawing

Best Drawing Apps for Android 2020 16

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Not for traditional drawing

There’s traditional-styled drawing, and then there’s the more complex vector art. Illustrator Draw provides several different tools to get the work done, and then you can easily export to the likes of Photoshop Illustrator or even Photoshop Sketch.

MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint Lifestyle

Source: MediBang

If you’re trying to find a new painting or drawing app to make your art, but don’t want to have to dive into subscriptions, MediBang Paint is a great way to get started. The app is free to use, with in-app purchases to unlock various features, including more brushes and tools to take advantage of. This is another cross-platform service, making it a great reason why it’s best drawing apps on Android.

Start your drawing or painting on your phone, then pick it up on your tablet and move it to the desktop for some final editing. If you don’t have a drawing tablet, but have something like the Galaxy Note 20, then you can pick it back up on your phone for those fine-tuned edits and drawings before finishing the product. MediBang even offers free cloud storage for users, regardless of whether they sign up for a subscription or not.


Best Drawing Apps for Android 2020 18

MediBang Paint

Work on a project together

For just a single person, MediBang has all the right tools and a sleek design. But you can also easily share your creations with others, making it possible to work hand-in-hand with someone else on the next piece of artwork.

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