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Best Docuseries TV Series of 2020


From the hunt for the Golden State Killer, and the story of the woman behind that hunt, to Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls’ 1997 championship run, and right on through to the McDonalds Monopoly scam of the 1990s, these docuseries all told compelling and sometimes weird true-life stories that kept us captivated throughout.Which brings us to our best docuseries TV series of 2020 nominations.

Best Docuseries TV Series of 2020

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I’ll Be Gone in the Dark

Best Docuseries TV Series of 2020 2HBO’s chronicle of the late writer Michelle McNamara’s hunt for the Golden State Killer is a captivating journey into obsession and heartache, as her own inner demons consume her as she inches closer to exposing one of California’s most infamous serial killers. The show not only recounts the true crime saga, with gut-wrenching recollections from survivors, but also tracks how McNamara’s husband, comedian-actor Patton Oswalt, endures her loss and vows to finish her crusade to see justice done.

The Last Dance

Best Docuseries TV Series of 2020 3In this never-before-seen look at the Chicago Bulls’ 1997 championship run, Michael Jordan, many of his teammates, and a slew of celebrities and renowned sports journalists share their insights about one of the sport’s most iconic teams. One aspect of this doc that makes it so fascinating is that it contains unaired footage that a film crew shot during the ’97 season, which provides a unique glimpse at the Bulls on the court and in the locker room. Jordan’s candor about his father’s death, the pressures of winning six NBA titles, and whether or not he was liked by other players in the league offers a vulnerable glimpse at the Hall of Famer that we’ve rarely seen.


Best Docuseries TV Series of 2020 4This documentary examining the McDonalds Monopoly scam of the 1990s is as interesting for its cast of characters as it is for the scam itself. Everyone knows the game, and the majority of people alive in the 90s and early 2000s are aware of the case. But the under-the-hood look at how it happened is truly astonishing in both its complexity and the over the top characters who pulled it off (and – in the case of one FBI agent – who took them down.) This six-part documentary is masterfully told and compelling from start to finish.

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

Best Docuseries TV Series of 2020 5Tiger King is a fascinating and repelling look inside a little-known circle of big cat fanatics, one that makes a strong case for the idea that no one who actually wants to own a tiger should be allowed to do so. Well worth a look for true crime fans hungry for something different.

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Unsolved Mysteries

Best Docuseries TV Series of 2020 6A reboot of the oft-revived true crime series, Netflix’s version leans into not only true crime but the fantastical as well with an alien abductions episode peppered in with murder mysteries and missing persons cases. Some episodes are truly heartbreaking and gut-wrenching as we witness families still grieving and seeking justice so many years later. The cases chosen for Netflix’s revival are all deeply intriguing and moving, making for some very unsettling television at times.

Those are our picks for the best docuseries TV series of 2020 – let us know in the comments what’s on your list that didn’t make ours, and be sure to cast your vote for our TV Series of the Year 2020 People’s Choice Award here!

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