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Best Companions and Companion Builds – Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Wiki Guide


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How to Find the Best Companions[edit]

Before you have the best companions for whatever role you need, you have to find them first. As explained in our Companions Guide, you can find them by using either the encyclopedia with “N” by default or visiting taverns randomly. The encyclopedia doesn’t always update in real-time, which means companion locations may change from what a page says.

Once you start your Bannerlord campaign, you can search the encyclopedia for specific companion titles that suit what you need. Every character has a title that or last name that makes them specialized in certain skills. For more information on how this works, read the next section below.

What Do Companion Titles Mean?[edit]

All Bannerlord companions have a certain title or last name like, “Siona the Healed” or “Elyaksha the Shieldmaiden” that starts them with certain skills. Examples of titles and their related skills are below:

Title Major Skills
the Healer Medicine 60
the Golden Tactics 100
the Prince Roguery 140
the Smith Smithing 60
Frostbeard Scouting 80

Best Companions For Each Role[edit]

Best Companions For Party Leaders[edit]


If you’ve reached Clan Tier 2 and can create a new party for a companion to lead, make sure you pick the right one! Think about it the same way you do for what skills make you a good leader. The table below features some titles that work well for party leaders.

Search the encyclopedia under the Heroes section for companions with these titles:

Titles Skills
the Falcon Tactics 100
the Prince Roguery 140
the Surgeon Medicine 80
the Engineer Engineering 80
the Swift Steward 80
the Swordsman Excels in weapon-related skills.
the Shieldmaiden Excels in weapon-related skills.

Best Companions For Caravans[edit]

If you’re wondering How to Make Money Fast, caravans can be a good source of daily income. If you have the money to invest, make sure you pick the best companion to lead your money maker. The Trade skill helps the most with making money as it reduces trade penalties.

Search the encyclopedia under the Heroes section for companions with these titles:

Title Major Skills
the Swift Trade 80, Steward 80, Roguery 100
the Spicevendor Trade 100, Steward 80

Best Companions For Governors[edit]

Governor companions in Bannerlord primarily should share the same culture as the fief they’re governing. This provides a +1 loyalty buff and prevents negative loyalty buffs for not sharing the same culture. Outside of this, you’ll want companions who have a high Steward skill for Governor only buffs.

Here are some of the skills, but not all, that give Governor buffs.

Skill Governor Perks
Steward Tax Collector (Lvl 25), Assessor (Lvl 225), Agrarian (Lvl 250), Reconstruction (Lvl 275)
Medicine Pristine Streets (Lvl 150), Bush Doctor (Lvl 150), Physician of People (Lvl 200), Clean Infrastructure (Lvl 200)
Engineering Construction Expert (Lvl 25), Improved Masonry (Lvl 100), Builder (Lvl 250), Everyday Engineer (Lvl 275)
Trade Distributed Goods (Lvl 100), Toll Gates (Lvl 100), Villager Connections (Lvl 150), Content Trades (Lvl 150), Granary Accountant (Lvl 200), Tradeyard Foreman (Lvl 200)
Leadership Stiff Upper Lip (Lvl 75), Gratitude (Lvl 75), Drill Master (Lvl 150), Citizen Militia (Lvl 150), Public Talker (Lvl 200), Inspiring Warrior (Lvl 200)

Search the encyclopedia under the Heroes section for companions with these titles:

Title Major Skills
the Swift Steward 80, Trade 80, Roguery 100
the Spicevendor Steward 80, Trade 100

Sora is a noblewoman many Bannerlord players like to marry for her high Steward skill of 160. This makes her a great Governor and Quartermaster.

Best Companion Builds[edit]

The best companion build depends on what role they’re filling. You should always focus their equipment around the weapon skills they are highest in. For example, if a companion has a high One-Handed skill, only give them One-Handed weapons.

Equip every companion with a melee weapon, a ranged weapon, and a shield. A bow and arrows uses two slots, but gives more projectiles compared to throwing weapons. A shield is always useful for blocking enemy ranged units and during sieges. If you’re not sure how to equip companions, our How to Customize Companions guide explains it.

Important Clan Roles to Fill[edit]

  • Scout – Best fitted to companions with a high Scouting skill and Cunning attribute.
  • Engineer – Best fitted to companions with a high Engineering skill and Intelligence attribute.
  • Quartermaster – Best fitted to companions with a high Steward skill and Intelligence attribute.
  • Surgeon – Best fitted to companions with a high Medicine skill and Intelligence attribute.

For more Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord guides, take a look at our Essential Tips and Tricks for Beginners. And if you need a little help funding the armor and weapons for your companions, we have a guide on How to Make Money Fast.

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