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Best Bruen Mk9 Warzone loadout: Setups and builds you should try


What are the best Bruen Mk9 Warzone loadouts? That all depends on your playstyle, but the Bruen can adapt to pretty much anything. We all know that SMGs and assault rifles rule Call of Duty’s meta, but the humble LMG is often underestimated. The Bruen’s high damage and slower fire rate make it a powerful weapon that isn’t hard to manage in long-range engagements—a balance that’s hard to find.

You can get a lot out of the Bruen that you’d usually call upon an assault rifle for, except you also get a mighty magazine size as an added bonus. For that fact alone, it’s worth it to have at least one good LMG loadout slotted in for Warzone. And if you’re going to make one, it should probably be the Bruen. So with that in mind, I’ve gathered my favorite Warzone Bruen setups, but remember that you’ll likely want to tweak small things to your preference, like perks or optics.

The best Bruen Mk9 loadout for you


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