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Best Black Friday gaming deals


The video gaming industry is now larger than the movie industry and the music industry combined, proving gaming is the preferred entertainment for millions of people. And with good reason. A movie ticket gets you a couple of hours of entertainment while a video game, although usually more expensive, can give you hundreds of hours of joy (and sometimes frustration), making it a far better value option.

Video gaming, however, comes with some requirements, such as hardware and, of course, games. So, if you’re looking to join the gaming world, that’s just what you’ll need. And, of course, Black Friday is a great opportunity to save money when starting this new hobby or just buying a gift for someone that’s already into it. 

If you’ve taken a look at the calendar recently, you’ve probably noticed it’s not Black Friday just yet. But these days retailers are stretching the discount season as much as possible, so even a month in advance, there are some deals that might catch your attention. Naturally, the biggest savings will be on Black Friday itself, so don’t get your hopes up too much.

Regardless of what the deals may or may no be, we’ll be on the lookout for the best ones and keep this post up to date, so if you’re looking to enhance your gaming experience, keep checking to see what’s on sale.

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Best Black Friday PlayStation deals

The PlayStation 5 is about to be released on November 12, the digital-only version going for $399.99 and the regular version for $499.99. So, right now, on Sony’s front it’s the calm before the storm. With its release being just a couple of weeks before Black Friday, we’re probably not going to see significant discounts for the PlayStation 5, but retailers might want to get rid of leftover PlayStation 4 stock. If that’s good enough for you, you could score a hefty discount pretty soon. As for right now, there are some minor deals to be had.

Get PlayStation 4 from $299

Those that are eager to get a PlayStation 4 right now can buy the Slim model with 1TB of storage from Best Buy for $299. Not exactly a hot deal but still pretty affordable. And if you’re after the Pro version, Best Buy has it for $399. 

Best Black Friday Xbox deals

The situation over at Microsoft is very similar to Sony’s. The new Xbox consoles are about to launch just 2 days prior to the PlayStations, on November 10. The Xbox Series S will start at just $299 and the more powerful Xbox Series X at $499.99. Discounts on the current-gen Xbox consoles are pretty much nonexistent, presumably because Microsoft’s confusing naming scheme lead people to mistakenly buy them in troves thinking they’re the getting the new release.

Get Xbox One from $299

If, for some reason you decide you’d rather spend $300 on an Xbox now rather than wait for the new generation, you can get the Xbox One S from either Amazon or Best Buy for $299, and the Xbox One X (now you see where the confusion we mentioned above comes from) for $399, but Best Buy has it bundled with Cyberpunk 2077 in a limited edition variant.


Best Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals

Things are pretty quiet on Nintendo’s front as well as retailers seem to be keeping the discounts at bay until Black Friday comes. And since now new Switch is expected in the imminent future, your choices remain the standard Switch and the Switch Lite.

Get Nintendo Switch from $199

As you might expect, the Nintendo Switch Lite is the cheaper option of the two. It’s basically a more portable version of the Nintendo Switch, without the removable Joy-Cons and the dock and with a smaller display. If you want the full Switch experience, your best choice is the Animal Crossing bundle that goes for $299. You can get the standard Nintendo Switch for the same price, but why pass on the unique Animal Crossing styling?

Best Black Friday PC gaming deals

The PC gaming industry is dealing with its own major release right now: Nvidia’s RTX 3000 series video cards. They offer a big performance improvement and a reasonable price tag which made them so popular you can hardly get your hands on one. But while you’re waiting for that crucial piece of your next upgrade to be in stock, you might want to consider getting some new peripherals. We spotted a few deals that might interest you!

Save $20 on Logitech G502 SE Hero Gaming Mouse

If you’re looking for a high-performance mouse without spending upwards of $100, the G502 is a great choice, especially now with a discount of $20. It has pretty much everything you need. A sensor that tops up at 16,000dpi, weights that you can add or remove to make the mouse as comfortable to use as possible, and 11 programmable buttons. Oh, and, of course, RGB. Because that’s a must these days as well.

Save $20 on Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse

The DeathAdder is Razer’s budget gaming mouse but it still has the brand’s iconic styling and offers a decent 6400dpi sensor. It’s also ergonomic and has 5 programmable buttons that you can use to make things easier in-game or even just while browsing the internet. 

Save $60 on Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard

Pairing your Razer mouse with a Razer keyboard is only natural. Right now, you can get the Huntsman $60 cheaper, that’s quite a deal! It has clicky optical switches, surrounded by a durable aluminum frame, programmable macros and the essential RGP lighting.

Save $40 on ROCCAT Vulcan 121 Aimo RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

If you can’t settle for anything but true mechanical switches, then perhaps this keyboard will grab your attention. ROCCAT is a popular brand for PC peripherals and the Vulcan 121 is a pretty cool-looking keyboard. The keys are low-profile and elevated above transparent mechanical switches which can light up in any color thanks to the embedded LEDs. With the current 25% discount, the price of this keyboard is pretty good considering it’s a mechanical one.

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