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Best Amazon Echo Dot Mounts 2020


Amazon Echo Dot Mounts
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The Echo Dot is a super affordable way to have Alexa in your home, but when you want to tuck it out of the way, you want to make sure that you have one of the best Echo Dot mounts available. This can keep your counters and surfaces decluttered so that you can catch up on the latest news, put items on your shopping list, listen to music, play audiobooks, and so much more without needlessly taking up counter space. We’ve gathered the best Echo Dot mounting options to make your home sleek and tidy. Don’t worry; we organized them by generation so you can quickly find the one you need.

Made for Echo Dot 3rd Gen

Best Amazon Echo Dot Mounts 2020 2

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This universal mount is designed to be used by every Echo Dot made to date, including 1st Gen. It installs over an outlet and provides a perch to keep your Alexa device out of the way, so the other half of the outlet is usable. Since it’s so close to the plug, you won’t have to worry about unsightly cables reaching down your wall. It comes in black and white.

$15 at Amazon

Best Amazon Echo Dot Mounts 2020 4

Place your 3rd Gen Echo Dot in any ceiling or wall of your home for a more modern Alexa experience. This mount kit comes with the puck-like cavity, a 6-foot power extension cable, and a speaker grill. You’ll be able to see your Echo Dot’s lights through the holes and even press the buttons through the grill.

$20 at Amazon

Best Amazon Echo Dot Mounts 2020 6

This outlet mount allows you to keep ugly cables tucked away for a cleaner-looking room. It has an elegant design that will look classy in any bedroom, living room, or kitchen. No screws or nails are required for installation — just plug everything into place, and it will be good to go.

From $13 at Amazon

Best Amazon Echo Dot Mounts 2020 8

This mount comes with a pair of adhesive strips similar to what you get with Command Hooks. Apply the strips to the back of the mount and press it onto your wall for a reliable hold. There are also two holes on the mount if you’d prefer to screw it into the wall. You’ll need to supply your own screws.

$17 at Amazon

Best Amazon Echo Dot Mounts 2020 10

Sometimes the problem is not counter space, but the fact that your Echo Dot isn’t as easily accessible, and can’t be heard as well. This adjustable 360-degree stand addresses that issue, allowing you to better see and hear your Echo Dot from any direction.

$13 at Amazon

Best Amazon Echo Dot Mounts 2020 12

If you’d rather not make holes in your walls, consider keeping your Echo Dot in place using magnets. This mount comes with a metal plate that has a sticky backside so you can place it on any surface. If you’d prefer, you can also put the magnetic mount directly on your metal fridge, shelf, or desk. Since it connects to any metal surface, you can take it into any room.

$14 at Amazon

Made for Echo Dot 1st and 2nd Gen

Best Amazon Echo Dot Mounts 2020 14

This accessory works as a stand, case, and wall mount. It has a hook for convenient hanging, or you can use the included screws to attach it more permanently to a surface. The casing matches the black Echo Dot and will keep it protected. You’ll still be able to plug the cables into the back end via a hole in the case.

$10 at Amazon

Best Amazon Echo Dot Mounts 2020 16

If you’re looking for a sturdy mount, you can’t go wrong with this steel-plated one. It holds your 2nd Gen Echo Dot in place with the help of three prongs. Installation is simple since you’ll only need to use one screw to get it where you want it. Choose either black or white to match your device.

$11 at Amazon

Best Amazon Echo Dot Mounts 2020 18

If you don’t want a wall mount that’s quite as permanent, you’ll love this one. It has a hook at the top so you can easily hang it from a Command Hook or nail. You could even move it around with you. Just make sure that whatever you hook it to can handle the weight, or it’ll come crashing down.

$12 at Amazon

Best Amazon Echo Dot Mounts 2020 20

If you’re planning on mounting more than one Echo Dot, but you’d prefer that their cables didn’t show, then this is the set to get. Either mount plugs directly into an outlet to save space. If two is too many, the company also offers individual mounts for lower prices. Choose between black or white to match your Echo Dot.

$19 at Amazon

Best Amazon Echo Dot Mounts 2020 22

This mount for the Echo Dot (2nd Gen) may appear like any other at first glance, but if you look more closely, you can see what the real feature here is. This mount allows you to completely tuck and hide away any excess cords for a clean, mess-free look.

$13 at Amazon

Best Amazon Echo Dot Mounts 2020 24

Place your Echo Dot into your wall or ceiling using this built-in mount. The installation will be a bit more work than the others on this list, but you won’t have to deal with unsightly cables or a bulky eyesore. It comes with a 10-foot cord to help you install it wherever you’d like. The puck-like cavity also helps sound travel.

$15 at Amazon

Is there an Echo in here?

As you can see, there are several different mounts out there, particularly for third and second-generation Echo Dots (1st Gen mounts are super scarce). When deciding which one to get, you’ll want to consider price, whether or not you mind seeing cables if you want your Alexa device near an outlet, and how exactly you want to mount it. There are many options, and you can have a mix throughout your home.

We really like the EchoGear Outlet Shelf since it can hold any Generation Echo Dot that has come out so far. Unless Amazon drastically changes the look of the Echo Dot, this mount will still be usable for many generations to come. It also helps hide away cables by plugging directly into an outlet and will keep your space looking tidy. If you’d like something that doesn’t mount around an outlet, you should consider the Mount Genie Flush Mount for either 2nd Gen or 3rd Gen. It helps you completely hide the device away like a regular speaker in your wall or ceiling. Super sleek, huh?

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