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Douglas Adams used to add the word “hyper” to things to make them sound more sci-fi. The authors of the best Warhammer 40,000 books do the same thing, only their prefix of choice is “mega”. Orks pilot mega bommers and mega gargants. The Imperium’s agri-worlds are threshed by mega-harvesters, and its industrial worlds powered by megafurances. Spider-like aliens? They are called, delightfully, “megarachnids”.

It’s the perfect word for 40K, a science-fantasy setting based on taking everything too far, then pushing it further. Not content with extrapolating the future to a reasonable distance, it imagines 38 or 39 millennia ahead (individual books hop around the timeline) to a galaxy that’s full to bursting with evil empires who are all at war with each other and frequently themselves. 

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