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BDA begins work on legalizing unauthorised structures on notified plots, about 1 lakh properties to benefit


BENGALURU: The Bengaluru Development Authority (BDA) on Friday set into motion the process of identifying unauthorised constructions on plots notified by the agency for acquisition years ago as a first step towards regularizing them. The move is expected to benefit an estimated 95,000 constructions in developed areas in Bengaluru.

The BDA board, presided by its chairman SR Vishwanath, decided to appoint a private agency to identify all such constructions. The BDA staff will later issue demand notices to all such households asking them to pay a penal fee in return for legalizing them.

These are plots either owned by residents themselves or bought from someone after the BDA notified them for acquisition during the formation of layouts. Thousands have built homes in a bid to forestall acquisition by the BDA, but their title status have been in a limbo. A property owner cannot sell his property once it is notified by a government agency.

The BDA has classified plots into four categories: 20×30 ft; 30×40 ft; 40×60 ft; and 50×80 ft; The small plots up to 20×30 ft plot owners will pay a fee of 10% of the guidance value applicable for the area; those owning plots up to 30×40 ft will pay 20% of guidance value. Those above 30×40 ft and up to 60×40 ft will pay 40% of guidance value as regularisation fee. The plots higher than 40×60 ft and up to 50 x 80 ft will pay a fee of 50% of guidance value plus a penalty. Corner plots with buildings will pay twice the rate as regularisation fee.

“We are creating a separate bank account to park the funds earned from this exercise. The BDA may get between Rs 15,000 crore and Rs 20,000 crore. Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa will decide how to use it for the infrastructure development of Bengaluru,” BDA chairman SR Vishwanath told ET.

“We have not set any target date to complete the regularization exercise as many citizens may not have money to immediately pay. But those who pay and get their property regularized will get clear title in return which they can use for applying for plan approvals, and even bank loans,” he said.


The BDA board also decided to write to the government to get judicial relief for plots that fall in the buffer zones of drains or lakes in BDA layouts formed years ago and subsequently handed over to the BBMP. The BBMP authorities are not approving plans in respect of these plots citing the judgment of the National Green Tribunal (NGT).

“We are receiving applications from hundreds of people from BDA layouts requesting us to provide alternative sites in non-buffer areas. The BDA sold and registered these plots long ago. We cannot do much about them. So we want judicial relief so that the old plots are exempt from the NGT judgment,” Vishwanath said.

The BDA is writing to the government to also fight for such plots in private layouts approved by the BDA. “A judicial relief will help thousands of plot owners. There are also cases where owners are not able to demolish their old houses to build new ones because the BBMP is not approving their plans,” the BDA chairman said.

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