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Automating the enterprise in the new normal (VB Live)


Presented by Blue Prism

The pandemic has put a new spotlight on automation. Learn how the technology is helping organizations respond to shifts in demand, reduce dependence on human labor, improve resiliency in challenging times, and more in this VB Live event.

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In the midst of a pandemic, business leaders are finding that their major challenges — productivity and resiliency — are growing. But long before COVID-19 thrust organizations into the fire, CEOs were beginning to turn their interest toward how robotic process automation (RPA) could help address their most pressing concerns. Some companies were seeing some astonishing results, from creating and enhancing jobs, to saving time and costs, accelerating and improving work quality, and making organizations more innovative.

Investment in the technology and the innovative solutions it can power was starting to accelerate then, but a new survey from Blue Prism has found that 78% of business leaders see RPA as the answer to global productivity issues. Fully 92% of the C-suite executives polled see it as a catalyst for digital transformation, a majority believe it is essential for business to remain competitive, and 92% are looking to deploy and extend these capabilities throughout their organizations.

RPA helps businesses thrive in a new world

The new normal requires RPA as a lifeline for maintaining normal business continuity. It ensures that companies can maintain their responsiveness even as they manage the upheaval that shifting business priorities and structure brings, such as reduced workforces, new customer demands, and growing macroeconomic pressures.

A post-pandemic world isn’t going back to an earlier status quo — it’s about finding a new way to work within a rocked economy and a transformed competitive landscape. CEOs are finding that investing in RPA isn’t a stopgap, but a step up for the company, helping create momentum in a quest to become a digital-first organization.

Some of the key benefits of RPA include shifting teams away from busy work so that they can focus on more strategic, and more rewarding efforts. Machines work far faster, and far more accurately than the humans previously handling the tasks that can be automated, saving a tremendous amount of time, which also means automation can be implemented at scale.

Gaining buy-in on RPA now — and for the future

RPA can transform how a business works — but it’s key to remember that this means your employees’ day-to-day work will be changing dramatically. Implementing RPA even in minor ways means winning internal support long before the first changes occur. CEOs have to ensure that employees are fully versed in not just how their jobs will change, but why these changes are coming, and most importantly, how it will benefit them in the short and long term.

Blue Prism’s survey found that only 33% of employees harbor fears about job loss in the next three years, as RPA and automation continue to have a positive impact on workplaces. And that fear is diminishing as knowledge workers become more comfortable with the technology, and understand the benefits that automation can bring not just to their organization but to their own work life.

Automating tasks unlocks brand new opportunities for employees to take on more interesting work, make greater contributions, and feel more of a wheel and less of a cog. It also means that employees will require reskilling and training to meet these new challenges head-on. In most cases, that means a leveling up into more digital-focused roles that represent the future of the workforce.

To learn more about the benefits of RPA for every organization, why it’s more essential than ever to invest, and how to gain buy-in from the C-suite to the factory floor, don’t miss this VB Live event.

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Attendees will learn about:

  • Evolving technologies used in automation initiatives
  • How automation supports business resiliency
  • Ways to scale automation across the enterprise


  • Josh Noble, Practice Director, Blue Prism
  • Ted Shelton, Partner, Bain & Company (moderator)

More speakers to be announced soon.

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