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Assam government has come up with one time Grant for Media personality


Guwahati: Assam government has come up with one time Grant for Media personality. The annual grant will be given to 20 journalists of Rs. 50,000 each.

The government has stated the applicant’s affiliation to any political party will be termed as a disqualification. Journalist must have a minimum three number of ‘success stories’ of Government schemes published/broadcast in their respective media outlet during the last 12 months

In a statement the state government stated, “The journalists have been playing a very crucial and influential role in sensitising and educating the masses, making them alert and aware of what is happening around them, and this process has been strengthening our democracy. Journalists also play a vital role in disseminating the information related to the schemes and other activities of the Government pertaining to the development of the State as well as the people. Journalists are key factors in maintaining a healthy atmosphere in the society by acting as a bridge between the Government and the citizens.”

The statement added, “In comparison with the older days the role of journalists has developed many folds, bringing in many challenges for them, and making them responsible even more. As news consumption has grown manifold, so also has grown the challenges, duties and responsibilities of journalists. Infinite data is transferred through interrelated computing devices, objects, man and machines. With generation of instant and constant information all the time, journalists have to be increasingly careful in understanding its source and authenticity.”

The government said, “ They have to rely on primary, secondary and tertiary sources, information technology, build up skill and competence to ensure accuracy and authenticity of their reports.“

The government observed that the purpose of the assistance is intended to support journalists in their pursuit of outstanding achievements and also to support them in the time of need. The Scheme will be constituted under the Information and Public Relations Department of Government of Assam and will be administered by a Committee comprising. The minimum age of journalists should be 40 years. There is no upper limit. The applicant must have at least fifteen years of experience in the field of Journalism. The applicant should not have been convicted for any criminal offence or punished by any Court of Law or reprimanded by the Press Council of India for mis-conduct or violation of ethics of journalism or for any other similar reason. Annual income of the applicant should be less than 5 lakh.The applicant must be a permanent resident of Assam and applicant must be an accredited/recognised journalist of Assam”.

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