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Assam Elections 2021: Will free state of stirs, bullets & floods, says Amit Shah

Assam Elections 2021: Will free state of stirs, bullets & floods, says Amit Shah 2

Guwahati: Union Home minister Amit Shah said only BJP can keep Assam safe from infiltrators. Congress and its ally All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) will open gates for infiltrators.

Seeking another five years for BJP led government in Assam, he said that BJP led government will make Assam free from bullet, agitation and flood. Assam is likely to go to assembly polls in April this year.

Shah attended the first anniversary of Bodo Accord on Sunday in Kokrajhar and addressed a public rally in Nalbari.

Asserting that BJP will romp back to power in Assam with a thumping majority, he said that collective win of BJP and United People’s Party Liberal (UPPL) is just a trailer. He said that this is just the semi-final and BJP will win the final.

He said, “The birth place of Srimanta Sankardev (the 15th century saint-reformer of Assam) is developed with Rs 155 Crore. Around 8000 Namgarhs which are 50-year-old (traditional Vaishnavite monasteries of Assam) is provided with Rs 2.5 lakh each. Those who are talking about Assamese culture and language, what they do. Except getting votes they did nothing.”

He said, “If you want Assam infiltration free only BJP can do it. The duo of Congress and Badaruddin Ajmal will open gates for infiltrators for they are vote banks. Only BJP can save Assam from infiltrators.”

Ajmal is President of AIUDF and Lok Sabha MP.

The home minister said, “We have done it by removing Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir which nobody dared and Kashmir was connected to India. Under Prime minister Narendra Modi article 370 and 35A was removed and insurgency was finished for ever. It was said that there will be this and that if the same is removed. However, a panchayat election was held and there was no bloodshed. Even in the recently held election in Bodoland territorial council there was no bloodshed or violence. Not a single bullet was fired and over 80 percent polling took place.”

He added that under BJP government decks are cleared for construction of a gigantic Ram temple in Ayodhya, for 500 years there was demand for Ram temple from across the country. “Congress alleges BJP as communal however in Kerala they are in alliance with Muslim League and in Assam they are with Ajmal. Are they secular? Assam can never be safe in their hands. Only with double decker BJP in Centre and state can save Assam.”

Shah lambasting Congress said that like British the congress party divided and ruled. Pitting Bodos against non Bodos, Assamese versus outsiders, Adivasi and non-Adivasi. Around 10,000 youths died in the last 20 years and during their rule there was bloodbath and nothing else.”

He added, “Congress fired on the youths. Agitationists changing their face are out to help Congress. They want to cut votes of BJP and help Congress.”

Asserting that the government will fulfil all the promises made in Bodo accord, he said, “Prime minister has taken steps to end insurgency in Northeast India. Around 800 armed militants have surrendered in Assam and the Bru-Reang issue is solved.”

Attacking congress party, he said that despite ruling for so many decades they could not bring peace. “Congress is lecturing us. Accords and agreements done during congress time were not fulfilled. For years’ youths were misguided and they initiated agitation. What congress could not achieve in 70 years, BJP government achieved in five years in Assam.”

The home minister added Assam wants peace and development. “Infiltrators killed one horn Rhinos, the pride of Assam. Today Rhinos are safe. Jungles were den of infiltrators and are now free from encroachment. We will solve the flood problem of Assam. Give another five years and Assam will be free from bullet, agitation and flood.”

He added that Congress is shedding crocodile tears for increasing wages of tea workers. “when congress was in power they did nothing for the tea tribe. We will rework the wages of tea workers.”

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