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Are you going to buy on the Good End? Apply these 5 tips to spend wisely


Don’t lose control of your wallet during Good End, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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Although the Good End aims to stimulate national trade and reactivate the country’s economy, the reality is that it generally gains momentum, especially to millennials who live alone and end up in debt for products that they do not even use.

The initiative, which this year celebrates its tenth edition, seeks to support the economic reactivation of the country due to the effect of COVID-19.

“As all the big sales before the end of the year are linked in the same week, from Good End, Black Friday to Cyber Monday, there is a risk of losing control of the money, so you must be cautious and be very well organized with your finances so as not to get into debt without meaning, ”says Sebastián Medrano, director of Coru.com.

To avoid ending the year in debt just before the holidays, the financial services comparator, Coru.com , lists 5 tips that will help you especially if this will be the first time you plan to take advantage of the Good End :

1. Do not buy products that are obsolete per year

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Millennials spend the most when buying a cell phone, according to an analysis by The Competitive Intelligence Unit (CIU), so if you plan to switch smartphones this weekend, at least don’t do it for months without interest. Why? Easy, never buy a product from MSI that you continue to pay when it has expired or is obsolete, in gadgets and telephony, unfortunately new models come out every year and their price devalues at least 20% when the new version is released.

One of the modalities of the Good End is to offer more than 36 months without interest on products with excessive prices, so many people acquire a debt for three years or more, and when they do not feel that budget reduction, customers continue to make purchases without know if in the future they will have a chance to meet the payment on time.

2. Make cooperation

Are you going to buy on the Good End? Apply these 5 tips to spend wisely 2

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If you live with rommies, agree with them and buy things for the home together (refrigerator, stove, washing machine), things that are worthwhile and that they lack. If anyone has a credit card, take advantage of it and investigate the exclusive promotions of your bank.

3. Beware of impulse purchases

Are you going to buy on the Good End? Apply these 5 tips to spend wisely 3

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A 50% discount on shoes is a very tempting offer, but if you have more than 7 pairs or really didn’t even think about looking for one, think more than twice if you will actually wear them; If not, that offer is not for you.

4. Use the internet

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It is time to take advantage of the smartphone: compare the same product you want in different online stores and monitor a few days before so you know if it really is a discount or they only inflated the prices of the product you want.

On several occasions it is more effective to make a purchase online than in a conventional store. If you already know the product you want to buy, it is better that you look for the cheapest option, during these dates many e-commerce places offers such as free shipping or direct discounts to the price.

5. Consume the national

Are you going to buy on the Good End? Apply these 5 tips to spend wisely 5

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The objective of the Good End is that we consume what is made in Mexico, if you are going to buy products make sure they are made in the country, so you help small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) grow little by little. Remember that if you have friends or you are an entrepreneur, the best thing you can do is support each other and thus grow together.

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