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Apex Legends hackers ‘achieved nothing of value,’ Respawn dev says


Hackers launched an attack against Apex Legends over the past weekend, replacing server playlists with a message about the state of Titanfall underneath the savetitanfall.com URL: “TF1 is being attacked so is Apex.” The playlist takeover made Apex’s modes completely unplayable for many players until Respawn took back control later in the day. Other players, who presumably could still play the game during the attack, also reported a post-match popup message telling them to “visit and repost savetitanfall.com.”

The point of the hack was ostensibly to draw attention to the ongoing DDoS attacks that have plagued both Titanfall games as far back as 2019. This Reddit thread has a good rundown of the situation, including the frustration felt by some players (fairly or not) that EA and Respawn opted to release the original Titanfall on Steam without patching out known vulnerabilities. In early April, Respawn finally responded to the long-running complaints publicly, saying that “help is coming,” and things appeared to get better for a while. But in mid-May, a new wave of attacks struck both Titanfall games.

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