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Among Us was the year’s most ripped-off game


It’s appropriate that a game about imposters would have so many imposters. It was inevitable, too. Among Us is popular, and popular games always get ripped off, but on top of that it’s got an easily reproducible structure which is forgiving of a little animation and UI jankiness, as those things only make deception trickier, and the strategies more arcane. A knockoff doesn’t need the precision design of a platformer like Celeste, for instance. It’s also got an instantly identifiable look that’s easy to lift wholesale or adapt to a new setting.

So, the rip-offs and tributes came. In China, a game called Werewolf Among Us became a mobile hit. On Steam, numerous Among Us-likes appeared. There’s Killer: Infected One of Us, which was briefly called Killer Among Us 3D. There’s also Imposter Inside Us, whose title suggests things that I’m not sure were intended. Can’t forget Pretend, either, which will be out this January.

Over in VRChat, someone made a 3D Among Us room, and it worked surprisingly well when I tried it. Epic also threw out a limited time mode called Spy Within that, you guessed it, was basically Among Us.

A screenshot of a VR version of Among Us made by a fan.

Among Us, but in VR Chat. (Image credit: VRChat/InnerSloth/Jar)

On itch.io, there weren’t a bunch of rip-offs, per se, but lots of free tribute games, like Among Us But It’s Single Player, which is now called Among Us Story Mode (I like the original name better).

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