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Among Us’ new airship map is too big, making it an Impostor’s dream


Among Us has received its first map since exploding into mainstream popularity last year and it’s a big one. Probably too big, if you ask me. Called The Airship, it strays from Among Us’ traditional sci-fi aesthetic into more steampunk territory, and introduces a bunch of new tasks that you’ll have to complete while trying to avoid the Impostor. Having a new map to play on is great, but The Airship’s size is definitely a problem. It hands almost every advantage it can to the murderer-on-board.

Bigger isn’t necessarily better, and I’m a little wary of just how large The Airship is. Unlike the other maps, I’d sometimes go a minute or two without so much as passing another player in the hallway, and that’s a problem—unless you’re the Impostor, in which case it makes it obscenely easy to kill players and make an escape. Amplifying the issue is the fact that The Airship also forces players to choose from a random set of three rooms to spawn in instead of everyone starting together in one room. Players already feel so spread out that also having them spawn in separate rooms just makes it even harder to track what’s going on. I’m finding it impossible to gauge where a player might be at a certain time.

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I don’t hate The Airship, but I do think it’s less conducive to the risk-taking and surprise twists that make Among Us so much fun.

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