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Amazon Echo vs. Echo Dot: Which should you buy?

Amazon Echo vs. Echo Dot: Which should you buy? 2

Best bang for the buck

Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Amazon Echo vs. Echo Dot: Which should you buy? 3

Better sounding speaker

Echo (3rd Gen)

Amazon Echo vs. Echo Dot: Which should you buy? 5

The Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is the Echo to get for most people. Whether you’re just starting with your smart home or you are expanding your current setup, these affordable speakers can do pretty much anything.

$50 at Amazon


  • Cheapest Echo
  • Inconspicuous size
  • Fully-functional Alexa device


  • While improved, sound quality not as good as larger versions
  • Not as customizable as previous versions

The Echo (3rd Gen) is also a great device at a great price. You get an outstanding speaker in one of several different colors with room-filling sound.

$100 at Amazon


  • Better sounding than the smaller Echo Dot
  • Improved styling from previous generations
  • Great value for excellent smart speaker


  • More expensive than the Echo Dot
  • No built-in smart hub

Amazon offers an abundance of Alexa-enabled speakers, and the Echo Dot and “regular” Echo are among its most popular. The Echo Dot is a puck-shaped device that can fit in anywhere in your house, particularly if paired with a wall mount. The multiple customized finishes and improved sound of the full-size Echo make it a real statement piece.

So, which Echo is right for you? We at Android Central are enthusiastic Echo experts, who have put the Amazon Echo (3rd Gen) vs. the Echo Dot (3rd Gen) to help you select the perfect smart speaker for your home.

Amazon Echo (3rd Gen) vs. Echo Dot (3rd Gen): What separates these two?

Amazon Echos

Source: Android Central

Since both devices are first-party Amazon products, they share a lot of Alexa DNA. That being said, there are some significant differences between the two. Let’s start by looking at how they are alike and the features they share.

Both devices show off a similar design language with a four-button array and an LED light ring indicator at the top. They also offer you a choice of several colors of fabric finishes on the body, including charcoal and sandstone. You can use Alexa on either device to control your smart home, play music, and get updates and notifications. Both Echos work with Amazon’s new security feature called Alexa Guard, and each can serve as an intercom or messaging device. You can also group several Echos – mix and match style – to create multi-device and multi-room sound systems.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Echo (3rd Gen)
Weight 10.6 oz 27.5 oz
Microphones 4 7
Speakers 1.6″ speaker 3″ woofer and .8″ tweeter
Dolby Audio No Yes
Line-out with 3.5 mm cable or Bluetooth Yes Yes
Smart Home Controls Yes Yes
Music Streaming Yes Yes
Pair Multiple for Stereo Sound Yes Yes
Free audio calls to the US, Mexico, and Canada Yes Yes
Finishes Fabric (3 colors – charcoal, heather gray, sandstone) Fabric (5 colors – charcoal, sandstone, heather gray, Product RED, Twilight Blue)

Amazon Echo 3rd Gen

Pictured: Echo 3rd GenerationSource: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central

While these Echo siblings have a lot in common, there are some important differences to note as well. Probably the most significant difference between these two Echos is the price, as the full-size Echo retails for twice as much as the Echo Dot. While both Echos frequently go on sale throughout the year, the Echo Dot is usually more steeply discounted. The Dot is also often bundled with other smart devices like smart plugs or lightbulbs, and generally at a price that is still cheaper than the full-size Echo.

The full-size Echo is noticeably larger and heavier than the Echo Dot. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as most people don’t move their Echo devices around the house very often… but it’s something worth noting. While the smaller Echo Dot has vastly improved sound quality from previous generations, the full-size Echo is one of the best-sounding smart speakers you can get for the money. It includes a woofer, tweeter, and support for Dolby Audio. Can you find better speakers? Sure, just look at some of the options from Sonos. However, you’re not likely to find one this good for under $100.

The Echo Dot is small and discreet, and can almost be overlooked in the home, while the full-size Echo could be seen as more of a statement piece. The full-size Echo can be found in five different color variations, while the Echo Dot is only in four.

Amazon Echo (3rd Gen) vs. Echo Dot (3rd Gen): The one to get

While the full-size Echo has several advantages over the Echo Dot, we think the Echo Dot is the better buy for most people. For starters, you can purchase two Echo Dots for the price of one Echo and really get your smart home going. Plus, the Echo Dot has many of the same features as its larger sibling, so you are not losing any functionality by choosing it over the Echo. While we do feel the full-size Echo is an amazing smart speaker for the price unless you care about better sound quality, you should go with the Dot.

Value champ

Amazon Echo vs. Echo Dot: Which should you buy? 7

Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Most of the features for less money

The Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is a great value smart speaker, offering full Alexa functionality at half the price of other devices. This iteration has an improved design and speakers but lacks the room-filling sound of larger Echo devices.

Sounds great

Amazon Echo vs. Echo Dot: Which should you buy? 9

Echo (3rd Gen)

Solid sounding speaker without splurging

The regular-sized Echo is a great value and offers excellent sound quality for much less than more premium smart speakers.

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