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Alicia Silverstone’s Eat Sh*t Kenny Daniels Podcast Is Funny, Meta and Def Not Clueless


The whole concept of podcast about a podcast host seems so meta. Can you tell me a little bit about the podcast and what peaked your interest?
When I read it, I just thought it was really well written. It really made me laugh a lot as I was reading it, and I thought it was just so outrageous. And as it goes on throughout the episodes, it gets even more outrageous and ridiculous. I thought, what fun, you know, these are really smart writers.

I was in a room when I got to do it with them, a lot of the time I spent alone doing it, but then I got to have these days where other people would come in and this room of really funny people doing all different voices and parts, and they would alternate between different characters. It was fun for me, they were really talented, clever folks.

As a performer, what is different about working on a podcast than working in a visual medium? Is it challenging for you as a performer?
I think it’s very freeing to be honest. I’ve always really enjoyed doing voice work. I did a [animated] show very early on in my career called Braceface. I did 75 episodes where I played this 14 year old girl, and I had so much fun because you can just play, you’re so free. You’re not worried about any kinds of subtlety … It’s sort of like doing play readings, which I also really love doing, play readings, because there’s no pressure, there’s no expectation. No one’s looking at your face, you’re just free to go. I also really love doing plays, and I also really love acting in different mediums, but there is something really freeing and fun about just being, being this expressive voice.

What was really fun about the podcast is I didn’t need to rehearse or prepare, which for me is the same with all voiceover work. That’s the other thing that’s really fun about it as an artist. It’s sort of like a cold reading for me. I don’t prepare before I go in at all, like at all. I just play in the moment and I really enjoy that. It’s a fun, playful, expressive.

The storyline for the podcast originates from the character’s high school experience. So many people consider Cher Horowtiz [from Clueless] to be the quintessential high schooler. How does the character compare to Cher?
Well, this character, Cher wouldn’t even talk to, no one would talk to her. This character, she’s crazy in the end and really not that bright at all. Cher had a lot going for her. Cher was very intelligent, but she had some shallow qualities that sort of matched that time. Her worldview is limited, but it could expand through time. She could grow and learn. This character, not so much.

For fans of yours who maybe haven’t dipped their toe in the podcast world before, what would you want them to know about coming to this and checking this out?
I mean, if you like weird, funny, clever stuff, it’s definitely weird. I find it really, clever, bizarre and interesting. Definitely interesting, and hopefully people like it.

How has this quarantine period been going for you?

Just in this time period? I have had my film called Bad Therapy, which we are doing a press tour during this time. The Baby-Sitters Club came out on Netflix and I rescued a puppy that has pneumonia and is attacking me right now. Somebody brought him over and was like, he has pneumonia, he might not live, give him some love and foster him. And then the next thing I knew, I was keeping him, because how do you say goodbye?

Also, right now I’m doing a play. So I did a play 10 years ago called Time Stands Still on Broadway with Laura Linney. So this play’s 10-year anniversary is right now. And so we’re doing it for the the Actors’ Equity Foundation. And so I’ve been rehearsing all week on Zoom, which is very interesting. And tomorrow we’re going to capture it and then it will be available I think in October or November for people to watch. And when they purchase it, they’re donating to a great cause. So that’s what we’ve been doing. And it’s, it’s been really wonderful because that was one of the most incredible artistic experiences of my life.

(This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.)


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