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AirTags and Find My are ushering in a whole new Apple era


While I liked the AirTags overall, they’re flawed. Despite this truth (and I’m sorry to tell you, but it is a truth), this is also a one-dimensional way of looking at Apple’s location trackers. Why? Because the product and the Find My service are ushering in a whole new Apple era.

To understand why this is the case, we need to understand a few things. Specifically, why and how Apple has gone about releasing the AirTags.

Before that though, if you’re uncertain about the hardware or how it works, I’d advise you to watch our video on them:

Now we’ve got all the context we need out of the way, let’s begin by talking about Apple’s Find My service.

Find My is finally useful

Before the AirTags, my experience with Find My had been uniformly bad. I’ve had Apple products stolen in the past and the service did nothing to help me out.

Its implementation tends towards the scattershot. Take the AirPods Pro for example. If you’ve lost them, you have the option to make them play a sound through the Find My app. The issue is this only works if the AirPods themselves are out of the case.

This is typical of Apple’s approach to Find My: half-assed and nonsensical. There’s no reason why the AirPods Pro shouldn’t bleep whether they’re in the case or out.