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After Cyberpunk 2077’s rocky launch, it’s time to bring back Deus Ex


Cyberpunk 2077‘s launch has made the release of Daikatana look like a smooth operation, with issues that range from failing to alert players about potential epilepsy triggers—quickly rectified, thankfully—to a PS4 version so fundamentally broken that Sony decided to remove it from sale. There’s no question that a lot of people are unhappy with Cyberpunk, but where there’s dissatisfaction, there’s also opportunity.

Back in 2013, EA launched its reboot of SimCity, which had several amazing ideas scuppered by a handful of terrible design decisions. Two years later, Colossal Order released Cities: Skylines. By taking SimCity’s template, avoiding the pitfalls of its predecessor and fixing the problems, the result was arguably the best city-builder ever made.

I think there’s a similar opportunity for a canny designer to do the same with Cyberpunk, and this time there’s already a perfect series waiting in the wings: Deus Ex. Currently published by Square Enix, the Deus Ex series has been on hiatus since 2016, after the (mostly good) Mankind Divided failed to match sales expectations. But the huge attention and commercial success Cyberpunk has garnered, combined with its equally significant problems, has opened up a window for the series to return.

(Image credit: Square Enix)

This would really be things coming full circle. Deus Ex essentially served as the template for Cyberpunk 2077’s core, boasting the same blend of fighting, sneaking and hacking. It also shares plenty of themes, like body modification and corporate conspiracies. For all intents and purposes, Deus Ex is a cyberpunk game. But it’s never really marketed itself on that premise. When the original Deus Ex launched, the focus was all on its groundbreaking structure and systems. When Square Enix rebooted the series in 2011, that continued to be its appeal. 

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