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AC Valhalla Excalibur: How to get Excalibur in Valhalla


You need to find the AC Valhalla Excalibur location if you want to wield raw power of the legendary sword. The blade supposedly given to King Arthur by the Lady of the Lake takes the form of a gigantic great sword that deals unbelievably heavy damage. Valhalla also conflates Excalibur with the Sword in the Stone, just to forewarn any pedants of Arthurian Legend out there.

Don’t expect any strange women lying in ponds to throw the sword at you, however: Excalibur is extremely tricky to find. You’ve got to collect AC Valhalla Treasure of Britain tablets scattered across England in forgotten caves and labyrinths. This includes a series of puzzles and a trio of boss fights with dangerous Zealots. Only once you’ve completed every task listed below can you claim this truly mythical blade. Just as I did in my AC Valhalla Thor gear guide, let me be the Merlin to your King Arthur, and show you how to get Excalibur in Valhalla.

How to get AC Valhalla Excalibur: Every Treasure of Britain location

Cave of Trials

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Due east of Cent and Canterbury, you can find the Cave of Trials near the English coastline. This area is an underground labyrinth where you have to leap from rock to rock, looking for keys to unlock the way forward. Use your parkour skills to move through the cave and you’ll soon come across the treasure, as well as a bunch of other items.

Grimes Graves

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Due east of Middletun you’ll find Grime’s Graves near the shore below Brisleah Farm. Head down the shaft and keep moving through the parkour gauntlet until you arrive at a table right at the back of the cave. Eivor will mention the treasure, but you have to attack the pots to find the tablet or it won’t appear. 

Santlache Mine

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This tablet is in Suthsexe, southwest of Cent near the border between the two regions. Keep moving through the mineshaft, shooting the red barrels and ladder locks to pop the doors open. When you reach the end, you’ll see a note that says you must ‘dive where iron thrives’. Swim through the room until you see iron underwater, then dive and move through the mine with full breath capacity (it’s a long swim!) to make it to the tablet at the end. 

Old Cellar

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This tablet is in Essexe, neat a lake south of Colcestre. This cave is full of poison, so keep moving through it until you reach the end. You’ll enter a wine cellar, where Eivor must use her arrows to shoot the yellow light-up caps on each barrel to fill the central grate and retrieve the tablet.

Wiccan’s Cave

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Directly west of Jorvik centre, you’ll find the Wiccan’s Cave in the snowy mountains of Eurvicscire. Follow the cave through until you have to slide under an opening to reach a little den. Inside, a giant blue wall of ice near the roof of the cave can be shot through to reach the tablet. Once inside, go right and shoot through the grate to blow up the barrel, then head left and shoot the lock on the front door.

Deoraby Spar Cavern

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In Snotinghamscire, northeast of Hemthorpe is a tiny cavern nestled in the snowy tundra. Inside the first room, look up to find the way through, then clamber over the statues and move through the tunnel to the end.  

Red Lichen Cavern

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East of Wincestre you’ll find the Red Lichen Cavern, which aside from its name is a fairly nondescript cave. Just make sure you use your torch to disperse the poison pockets. At the end, throw your torch into the poison to clear out the area with the tablet so you can collect it. 


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The final cavern tablet is also in Hamtunscire, northeast of Chepeham. Inside the submerged room, look for the white ridges at the top of the room to climb onto. Once you’re in the back room with the tablet, stand far away and blow up the oil barrels to create an opening on the left. You can then slide under this to retrieve the tablet. 

How to find the three Excalibur Zealots in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 

Once you pick up the first eight tablets, there are also three Zealots you need to find and defeat to complete the set. 

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You can find Hrothgar patrolling the roads southeast of Suthsexe. Like all Zealots, Hrothgar doesn’t remain in one place, so head to a random junction near Santlache Mine and alt-tab to wait. He’ll eventually turn up to fight you.  

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Head to Essexe to find Heike, who patrols the roads south of Walden. Sit at an intersection and wait for them to appear. Then go to town with all your best abilities to rid the world of Heike and pick up yet another tablet. 

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