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a tale of the new Chromecast


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Autumn — the most distinguished of seasons — brings with it predictable trends: steaming pumpkin spiced lattes, slippery leaves layered across pavements, and a deluge of companies announcing new shit in the run up to Christmas.

Last month it was Apple’s event. The other week it was Google’s turnAnd the search giant did us proud. Well, as proud as a billion-dollar company that’d sell all of us for animal feed if given half-a-chance can make anyone

In just 30 minutes it announced the Pixel 5the Pixel 4a 5G, and the Nest Audio. But there was one thing that got me really clammed up (at least more clammed up than usual, I’m what the experts in the medical industry would refer to as a ‘sweaty lad’): the new Chromecast.