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A one-trick pony, but what a trick


The thing about writing is that it’s hard. And the thing about writers is that they’re always searching for something to make it easier. And that’s where Astrohaus’ Freewrite Traveler comes in.

Lots of words I don’t recognize there. Astrohaus? Freewrite Traveler?

Well, aren’t you demanding? But I’ll tell you.

Astrohaus is an American company that makes productivity tools. Its first big product was the 2014 crowdfunded Freewrite, effectively an e-ink typewriter to help people write distraction free.

Now though, it’s releasing a new version of its famous machine: the Freewrite Traveler, a smaller and more portable version of the hardware.

What’s the point of the Freewrite Traveler?

It’s for writers to write with.

Specifically, it’s designed for creative writers (the standard Freewrite was originally called the Hemingwrite) — but really it’s for anyone who wants to get a lot of words down at once in a distraction-free way.