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A Nighttime Sound Bath for Relaxation and Sleep


In a perfect world, we’d be avoiding blue light before bedtime, winding down with a book and a warm cup of something, and getting a blissful eight hours of sleep a night. In the real world? Dream on.

Holistic healer Jasmin Harsono, who founded the wellness brand Emerald and Tiger to help people bring their mind, body, and spirit into harmony, says that what often helps her clients sleep more soundly is sound itself. Her sound baths feel something like floating in a body of water: a little ethereal and entirely soothing. Harsono works on a vibrational level, dealing with Reiki energy, chakras, and the like. But the easiest way to understand her work is to dial up the volume, press play, and close your eyes. And then, hopefully, nod off.

A Q&A with Jasmin Harsono


What makes sound healing and sound baths such powerful modalities?


I’ve experienced that a lot of people who suffer with stress can be helped with sound and energy healing. Sound can help bring us back into more of a balanced state.

The main aim of any sound healing session is for the client to recognize why they feel the way they do. During a sound meditation, you come into your vessel. Once you tap into awareness, it creates more and more space to embrace the body and embrace healing—to come back to a natural state of wholeness.


What tools do you use in sound healings?


I use my intuitive singing voice, crystal sound bowls with frequencies aligned to each chakra, tuning forks, percussion, and a gong attuned to a frequency of sound called the love frequency. The love frequency is what we call a miracle note, meaning it works as a reset button for the body. This one works around the hara—the energy center in your body that represents the sacral chakra. Once we start to really focus our energy on this chakra, this space, our personal power, everything else flows.


How do you use sound to help with sleep?


With a client, it’s about addressing how they’re feeling in the moment. We go through a session and see what arises. When someone’s not sleeping well, there are often deeply rooted issues causing that problem. When we address those issues, we can begin to heal things at their root. Usually the outcome includes a more normal sleep cycle.


Why might a sound healing session for sleep not always feel relaxing?


Often, you’re going to have a really relaxing session. It’s also true that you’re not always going to spend an entire session in complete harmony. If there are stressors that need to clear out, that stuff needs to come up first. A sound healing session can be an emotional roller coaster. But even when that’s the case, you come through on the other side. Even when it’s a rocky road, it helps bring people back into a flow.

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