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Health Care

Oral Cancer- a discussion on its symptoms, preventions, and treatment

Oral Cancer

As we know cancer is the uncontrollable growth of cells that invade and can cause extreme damage to the surrounding tissue. Oral cancer is mainly grown in the mouth that doesn’t go away. Cancers of the lip, tongue, cheek, floor of the mouth, hard and soft palate, sinuses and pharynx is oral cancer. These are very dangerous and can be life-threatening sometimes, if not diagnosed and treated from the beginning. Mouth cancer, gum cancer, and tongue cancer can also lead to death sometimes.

What are the symptoms of oral cancer?

The most common symptoms of Oral Cancer are-

  • If there is swelling, lumps, bumps or rough spots on the gums, lips or other areas of the mouth then there is a chance that it is an oral cancer.
  • Sometimes there are development of velvety white, red and red and white patches in the mouth
  • Excessive bleeding the mouth
  • Sometimes there is numbness or loss of feelings in any areas of the face, neck or mouth
  • Sometimes there are sore on the face, neck and mouth that bleeds easily 
  • Sometimes there is a soreness at the back of the throat
  • Sometimes there are difficulty in chewing, swallowing, speaking or moving the jaw
  • Hoarseness or change in voice
  • In some cases,one can notice a change in the way his teeth fit together
  • Excessive weight loss

If you ever notice any of these circumstances, then immediately contact health care professionals 

Ways to prevent Oral Cancer

Here we will be providing you advice by following which you can keep yourself safe from this potentially fatal disease. We have developed this guide by understanding the most common risk factors which lead to the occurrence of oral cancer, as we know for any kind of ailment prevention is always better than cure.

1)Maintain Oral Hygiene

To keep yourself safe from any type of mouth cancer, it is very necessary to keep your mouth and teeth clean. One should brush and floss teeth on a regular basis. Various kinds of germs and infections can grow from an unhealthy mouth. HPV infection is the main cause of oral cancers. Untidy oral activity can badly affect your immunity system and destroy your ability to fight potential cancers.

2) It is better not to chew betel nuts or paan

The main cause of oral cavity cancer in India is betel nut chewing. This practice is very hazardous to health. So for the betterment of your health, never chew raw betel nuts or not even in the processed form as Paan. Paan is made with betel leaves and Areca nuts and sometimes it has tobacco in it and sometimes not. Having paan or raw better nuts can tremendously increase the risk of oral cancers.

3) Avoid chewing tobacco

Tobacco users have the maximum risk of developing oral cancers. People who chew tobacco are at 5 fold to 25 fold increased risk of developing mouth cancer. Chewing tobacco is a very bad habit and it is one of the main reasons for developing oral cancers, it should be immediately stopped.

4)Quit Smoking

Based on observation, we can say that almost 80% to 90% of all oral cancer patients have been chain smokers for ages. If you quit smoking, it automatically decreases the risk of oral cancers.

5) It is important to limit sun exposure

It is very important to protect yourself from excessive sun exposure as it can lead to the occurrence of oral cancers. Excessive UV exposure can lead to the development of cancer on the lips, especially the lower ones. It is important to use regular sunscreen to prevent lips and skin from UV rays. You can also prevent lip cancer by using UV-A/B sun protection for your lips.

6) Do exercise regularly

If you follow an active and healthy lifestyle, it will boost the immune system and will reduce the risk of oral and also other types of cancer. An active lifestyle is key for protecting yourself from such fatal diseases. You need to do regularly, walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, and weight training. So always maintain a healthy lifestyle.

7) Consume foods that prevent cancers

Food habits are very important to keep yourself healthy and fit. For preventing cancers, eat a lot of green vegetables, beans, flax seeds, garlic grapes, green tea, soy, and tomatoes. It is healthy to consume these for their antioxidant properties and roles in preventing oral cancers. It is better to avoid fast food, grilled or fried foods.

8)Avoid HPV infections of the mouth

Apart from maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it is also important to perform healthy sex. Sexual transmission also leads to the occurrence of oral cancers. 

Sometimes exchange of reproductive fluids during unprotected oral sex can cause the transmission of human papillomavirus(HPV) which can later manifest as oral cancer. So it is important to perform safe sex for preventing such deadly diseases.

Treatment for Oral Cancer

Here we will talk about cancer treatment in a bit more detail. There are different treatments for oral cancer at different stages. If mouth cancer is diagnosed early then surgery can be used. Surgery assures that cancer will not come back. In the case of advanced stages, one will require treatment with surgery, radiotherapy, and medications for at least 4 months.


The main goal of surgery for oral cancer is to remove all affected tissues and reduce the risk of damage to the rest of the mouth.


Radiotherapy is a treatment for cancer where doses of radiation are used for killing cancerous cells. It is usually used after surgery in case of mouth cancer for preventing the return of the cancerous cells. In the case of throat cancer, it is the first treatment provided to the patient in addition to chemotherapy.


If there is a risk of cancer returning or the cancer is widespread, in that case, chemotherapy is used along with radiotherapy. It uses strong cancer-killing medicines for damaging the DNA of cancerous cancer cells.

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