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7 Useful dash cams that can actually help you lower your car insurance » Gadget Flow


Get peace of mind every time you set off on a car journey with a dash cam. We’ve got the most high-tech, affordable, and, most importantly, reliable selection in today’s article.

A dash cam acts as a witness recording evidence in the event of an accident. And having this proof that you weren’t at fault in a collision can save you a lot of hassle and, not to mention, keep your insurance premiums reasonable. So, in today’s Daily Digest, we have the top seven useful dash cams to help lower your car insurance, and some even have additional features to enhance your road safety.

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These digital video cameras are both a friend and a foe (the latter being that they can cause distractions if they’re not placed safely in your vehicle). Though, if you’re constantly on the road, investing in a dash cam is a sensible choice. They can help resolve possible claims up to 50% quicker than without having one. And nobody wants a long-drawn-out vehicle dispute, especially when you’re not to blame.

Having this useful car accessory can also evade fraudulent claims from other drivers claiming that you’re the one at fault. But you don’t always have to wait for a collision to arise to relish in the benefits of owning a dash cam; some insurers even provide a 20% discount to drivers who merely own and use a dash cam for car journeys. That’s an incredible saving for giving yourself peace of mind. With these impressive statistics, let’s explore the top useful dash cams to buy right now.

1. The Bluebox Co-pilot is more than a dash cam; it also includes Blue Mechanic to diagnose your engine light without a professional.

Bluebox Co-pilot inside of a car

The Bluebox Co-pilot includes four features:Dash cam, Securitycam, Milesaver, and Blue Mechanic. Plus, the brand promises to release more advancements. Moreover, this useful dash cam includes interior and exterior cameras, making it great for taxi drivers and daily commutes. Best of all, it’s simple to record footage and export it to your insurance company. This dash cam even tracks your mileage, making it ideal if you use your vehicle for professional use to claim back the gas or tax money.

Preorder this high-tech smart driving assistance from Kickstarter for $169.

2. The Vantrue N4 is a useful dash cam with 24-hour motion and collision detection. It even automatically switches to standby mode when you’re parked and your vehicle is unattended.

Useful dash cams that can actually help you lower your car insurance
Vantrue N4 from the side

Install the three-camera Vantrue N4 into your car to record the front, back, and inside of your vehicle for all-around protection. Moreover, this gadget includes a sensitive G-sensor that will automatically overwrite the oldest file if it needs to begin recording a collision. In fact, it can store up to 256 GB of external memory. Finally, the dash cam’s front lens can increase exposure instantly in dark situations for clear footage day and night.

Purchase this 3-channel dash cam for $259.99.

3. Sporting a slim profile, the Nexar Beam records 1,080p full HD video and includes a built-in GPS and suction cup mount.

Useful dash cams that can actually help you lower your car insurance
Nexar Beam attached to a car’s interior

Use the Nexar Beam to help lower your insurance premiums as well as navigate you to your destination. Available in various internal memory options—32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB—this dash cam can obtain 4–36 hours of footage. Moreover, the parking mode provides security when your car is parked, as it’ll automatically begin recording if it senses a collision.

Order this GPS dash cam for $119.95.

4. Drive smarter and safer with the Cobra Road Scout. This high-tech dash cam constantly monitors road consistions ahead and even alerts you of upcoming speed cameras.

Useful dash cams that can actually help you lower your car insurance
Cobra Road Scout attached to a windshield

The Cobra Road Scout can do more than help to lower your insurance costs; it shares useful driving data such as your speed, road conditions, and even smart notifications to help you become a safer, better driver. Moreover, this dash cam operates as a GPS, too, sending you directions and live traffic data enroute.

Treat yourself to this dash cam for $399.95.

Useful dash cams that can actually help you lower your car insurance
Nextbase 522GW in use

You won’t regret purchasing the Nextbase 522GW. This high-tech dash cam includes an intelligent parking mode to automatically begin recording if it detects any bumps of movement on your vehicle when it’s unattended. Additionally, this device boasts a 3-inch HD IPS display with playback, easy sharing, and menu selection.

Order this Alexa dash cam for $209.99.

6. The Garmin Dash Cam 66W provides a 180-degree field of view, crisp 1,440p footage, camera alerts, and even voice control.

Useful dash cams that can actually help you lower your car insurance
Garmin Dash Cam 66W attached to a car’s interior

Get security on the road with the Garmin Dash Cam 66W. This smart dash cam provides driver alerts including forward collision, lane departure warnings, and even “go” prompts to improve your awareness. Moreover, the voice control feature makes it easier to begin recording and save a video or picture.

Purchase this wide-angle dash cam from Amazon for a discounted price of $199.99.

7. Discreet and smart, the Pioneer ND-DVR100 includes driving and parking modes and records at 27.5 fps to never miss a moment.

Useful dash cams that can actually help you lower your car insurance
Pioneer ND-DVR100 with the screen switched on

Finally, the Pioneer ND-DVR100 won’t take up much room on your windshield. Designed with two-inch LCD screen and an 11.48-foot charging cable, this dash cam is user-friendly. It also includes adhesive tape to conveniently attach it to your windshield.

Order this low-profile dash cam for $195.58.

Keep safe on the roads with a smart dash cam. Which are your favorites? Let us know in the comments.

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