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7 Methods To Design Unique Modular Exhibition Stand

7 Methods To Design Unique Modular Exhibition Stand 1

The exhibition is the perfect place to build good relationships with your old customers and find the new one as well. Moreover, you will get experience to sell your products or services in a highly competitive market.

Well, facing competition in a trade show is difficult. Various activities happen during the exhibition and trade shows. The most important thing during the exhibition is to gain the attention of trade show attendees.

During the event, all exhibitors are vying for attention, therefore, it is very important to stand out. Well, you can take the help of an experienced exhibition stand designer. The skilled contractors will help in designing a perfect modular exhibition stand.

Here, in this article, we are going to share the pro tips for designing unique  modular display systems:

1. Know About Your Target Audience

The main objective of all exhibitors during the show is to get a huge volume of traffic at their exhibition stand. The best way to do this is to know more about your potential customers. Once you figure out the likes and dislikes of your targeted audience, then you can design a perfect exhibition stand. This will help you to choose the right colors, attractive graphics and perfect content for your audience. You can achieve your target by following this strategy.

2. Experiment With Different Materials

Picking up the right kind of material for your exhibition stand is a difficult task. But, it plays an important role in the success of your exhibition stand. You should not be afraid of doing experiments with a unique kind of material. For instance, you can experiment with modular glass display units to attract your potential customers in the trade show.

It will make your exhibition stand look different and amazing. Similarly, you can try various other new things to look different from your competitors. You should give a reason for the trade show attendees to visit your booth.

3. Display Attractive Images

The trade show attendees have the attention span, therefore, they do not read long text messages. Therefore, you can make use of attractive images to convey your messages. One picture can convey thousands of words. But, it is important to design and display your graphics in an optimum way. You should display large size, good-quality images on your trade booth walls.

Also, you should keep your signage simple and well designed. The poor graphics can put all your efforts into vain. So, never display images with low quality. It is better to have no images around your exhibition stand rather than displaying a non-professional one. 

4. Keep your Message Simple & Short

You should display short and simple messages on the walls of your exhibition stand. You should only display important information through your text messages. You must include the benefits of your product.

You can either slogans or other kinds of catchy lines to convey the right information about your brand and product/service of your business. Make sure that your modular system design is attractive and intriguing.

Do not forget to use action verbs in your text messages. Your text message should be memorable by the trade show attendees even after the trade show. You should make sure that the font of your exhibition stand should be large and simple to read.

5. Wisely Utility Space

The space allocated in the exhibition floor is limited, therefore, you should ensure that each inch of the allocated space should be efficiently utilized. Therefore, we recommend you contact the event organizers before starting the exhibition stand designing process. The event organizer will tell you about the exact dimensions of your space.

You should organize everything in your exhibition stand in such a way that there will be enough space to move around inside the booth. You should make sure that there should be no problem with booth visitors. They must have amazing experience inside the exhibition stand. 

6. Install Good Lighting Fixtures

The exhibition stands without lighting fixtures and is not able to attract huge volume customers. You should install the LED lights in your exhibition stand to make them look amazing.

The beautiful lighting fixtures in your exhibition stand will attract the distant trade show attendees as well. There are different styles of LED lighting fixtures available in the market that you can install in your modular display units.

7. Technology Gadgets For Interactive Booth

You should include interactive gadgets in your exhibition stand to attract more potential customers inside your booth. The interactive gadgets will make your exhibition stand different from others.

You must include VR technology gadgets to create a buzz during the show. With the help of VR and AR( Augmented Reality) technology, you can show all your products that you will not be able to bring at the show.


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