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6 reasons to subscribe to PC Gamer magazine


We’re currently hosting a massive sale on PC Gamer US subscriptions, down to just $32 for a full year’s worth of our print baby. So why subscribe to our magazine, which has been running monthly for nearly 25 years? We’ve rounded up some highly convincing reasons you should treat yourself to a PCG sub for the holidays below.

1. Deep dives into the games you love

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Every issue we do a big—often exclusive—deep dive into one of the most exciting PC games on the horizon. Recent issues have featured in-depth looks at Cyberpunk 2077, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, Baldur’s Gate III and more. It’s not just upcoming games that burn under our watchful gaze—just recently Alex Wiltshire talked to the creative minds behind System Shock 2 to unearth the surprising story of how it was made.

2. A celebration of the wider culture of PC gaming

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