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6 bug-riddled messes that eventually became great games

6 bug-riddled messes that eventually became great games 2

There’s a particular agony in waiting for a game you’re really excited for, booting it up on day one, and running into a game-breaking bug. It’s hard to Google your issue, because it isn’t well-documented yet. Maybe you just misunderstood? It couldn’t be this broken, could it? But it could. Some PC games never recover from buggy launches and stay buggy forever, while others improve over months of hard work from the developers—or fans—to become the games we hoped they would be.

Unlike the worst launches in PC gaming history, you won’t find games here that were briefly marred by server errors like Diablo 3, or mismatched with expectations like No Man’s Sky. You also won’t find games that, after many rounds of updates, still ended up disappointing. The games below were infamously buggy at launch, but recovered from that bad start and are beloved today. 

Total War: Rome 2 (2013)

Rome 2

(Image credit: Creative Assembly)

How it launched: It was immediately obvious that Rome 2 was overly ambitious. The campaign map was massive—and laggy. Even on top-end hardware, Rome 2 ran poorly, buckling under the strains of an upgraded but unoptimized engine. If performance was Rome 2’s only problem, that would’ve been forgivable. But aspects of Rome 2’s AI were completely broken at launch.

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