5 Weekend Getaways from Delhi Must Experience in 2019


Refresh your tired mind and body with this 5-weekend gateway from Delhi

Are you tired and drowning in a monotonous and not-so-interesting lifestyle that doesn’t have a story to tell or an escape either? Then it would be a familiar feeling when someone comes up with a plan for a weekend getaway, and you immediately say yes because it will take your mind off of the next presentation that’s due on Monday, or that your refrigerator just has an expired pack of frozen yogurt that qualifies as food.

Let’s move up to Delhi, the busiest metropolitan of Northern India, where a weekend trip would not only be a blessing to have, but also a remedy for your mind.


Shimla, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, is just 320 kilometers from Delhi and takes just 7 hours by road. This location is a hotspot for natural explorations with its array of hills and foggy mountain tops, decorated all around by greens of every kind

This is a tourist destination not only for families, but also for adventurers, as it offers rock-climbing, trekking, and also ice skating during the months of snowfall. The highlight of the place is the famous Mall Road, which is the favorite spot for photography and also has the best scenery from the edges of the road to the unending view that reveals the grandiosity of nature. You can explore Shimla from Delhi as this is the best way to experience beauty and history of golden triangle with Shimla itinerary.


Located at the foothills of the Himalayas, Mussoorie is 300 kilometers away from Delhi and takes 8 hours by road. It is another soul-touching destination that gives you breathers in between your life full of hustle.

Bringing you into the laps of the lush green valleys and hills, the Kempty falls, the Doon hills and the Shivalik ranges, this little patch of green is a reminder of what the smell of fresh grass and soil can do to a person if you are ready for the powerful experience.


This isn’t on the top of the list for a family trip from Delhi, but it sure is at the top of the list for backpackers who travel on a low budget. Kasol, is a small village in Kullu, by the banks of the river Parvati.

When you are not in a mood for the conventional vacation of the mountains or the beaches, Kasol does the work for you with its modest livelihood that’s simple and quiet.

It takes 1 hour from Delhi to reach this destination, but every hour spent after you reach here is a delight to your eyes for the rest of your trip.

Take a walk in the midst of the village life and the riverbanks, have a taste of the famous Israeli cuisine that lights up the place, listen to the water flowing, get on a trek, have a campfire under the stars, make a few stories.


Are you in the mood for a little Indian heritage touch to your weekend trip, then Rishikesh might be your right spot. This place is 242 kilometers or just 6 hours away from Delhi and is a top spot for adventurers. Rishikesh is a place that’s known for Ashrams and Yoga retreats.

At the same time, it is also known well for cliff diving, bungee jumping, and river rafting. If your heart needs a little rush, or your body needs to soothe and relax, this place will do its job for you.


Situated at a distance of 530 kilometers from Delhi, this is a favorite destination in Uttarakhand for all kinds of travelers, children, adults, teens and elderly all the same.

The favorite destinations here include the Rohtang Pass, the Beas River, Parvati Valley, Chandrakhani Pass, Solang Valley and also a number of very old temples. This hill station has been tourist friendly for a long time, and it will continue to be so due to the variety of attractions it provides.

If you seek some adventurous trip like paragliding, rafting or skiing, or you are just an observer of nature, you will receive your treatment here. If you are a foreigner, you can travel to India from Mexico, Singapore, Dubai, and many other places so plan your trip from the best travel agency.

We are all well aware of the strict schedule we need to follow and the monthly budget that we are trapped in, but it is still important to make it work for our physical and mental wellness amongst everything. Make sure you take your time to breathe every now and then this year.

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