5 Big Mistakes to Avoid When You Plan a Road Trip

I have been a traveler for as far back as I can remember. Being a female, 30 something hitchhiker in today’s world is fun. Because you not only get to interact with all sorts of interesting people, you also broaden your mindset in the process.

You learn, for instance, that human beings everywhere have the same set of living concerns. To dream, love, progress, and be happy. And that at the end of the day, we all bleed the same. Whether you live in the heart of Africa.

Or, nearer still, on the bustling streets of my New York hometown. This commonality between people of all cultures and races fascinates me. An issue which is also the subject of my blog, which I maintain with my Comcast Xfinity customer service. And a fair bit of cocoa to keep me awake – and feeling inspired.

Travelling Benefits You Several Ways!

Travelling also comes with its tangible advantages. The most prominent of which, in my case, is the great number of visitors’ souvenirs I’ve collected from all over the world.

I have miniature mummies from the World famous Pyramid of Giza bazaar in Egypt. I have chiffon saris bought from the markets of Calcutta.

And I have a range of incense burners from Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and China. Each one of which smells differently, and takes me back to its place of origin.

My wardrobe choices have also been greatly influenced by traveling. And whenever I go to a party, they always make me stand out.

People, intrigued by my appearance, sometimes even tend to mistake me for being a foreigner. In such instances, it often takes a lengthy amount of explanations to make them believe otherwise.

One of my most cherished possessions (bought on one of my South Asian sojourns) is a salt lamp from Afghanistan.

I’m not sure about the science behind it, but this artifact does help to keep my mood light. As well as my asthma under control, strangely enough.

How it Influences your Emotions

But even more than its material influences, traveling affects you emotionally. There is something about immersing yourself in a foreign culture that puts your own feelings into perspective.

And in a way that is not possible in your own native setting. Where everyone, for better or for worse, is exactly like you. And where you’re expected to conform to a normalized mode of behavior, and thinking.

During my travel to India, I experienced the diversity of different streams of thought and action upfront. I was amazed to discover how people not only survived in the poorest living conditions but thrived!

Back in the States, people have a different idea about what it takes to live a good life. I guess it all culminates in the essential differences that exist between western and eastern societies. Which are all natural, and fully expected.

What’s the fun in living in a homogenous world?

Road Trips are Better than Flying

Road trips give you a more immersive experience. One which flying on an airplane simply doesn’t deliver. — Never forget that.

When you’re traveling by road, you have the option of halting at every spot. And taking in every sight, smell, sound, and taste that a particular location has to offer.

On an airplane, you’re basically stuck until you reach your destination. And the only culture that you’re afforded in this space comes from the stories of your fellow travelers. Many of whom can be a great source of annoyance (to be completely honest!).

5 Mistakes you should avoid during your Road Trip

During your road trip, avoid these five traveling mistakes like the plague:

  1. Don’t Pack a lot of Purchasable Stuff
  2. Never Leave your First-Aid Kit at Home
  3. Don’t Drink too much at Roadside Pubs
  4. Don’t Argue with Highway Security Officials
  5. Never forget to carry your Personal Identification card

I’ve elaborated on each of these points briefly.

Go Light on the ‘Easily Purchasable’ Stuff

Things like toothpaste, soaps, toothbrushes, combs, shampoos, and all kinds of snacks, are available everywhere nowadays. So it makes a lot of sense to leave them behind and put less stress on the engine.

Bring your First-Aid Kits along

Because on a road trip, anything can happen. So you must bring your own Tylenol, aspirins, analgesic creams, bruise stick-one, and pressures bandages along. Many roadside locations don’t have pharmacies or hospitals.

Skip the Alcohol

Especially if you’re interested in enjoying your trip to the full. Alcohol, if you didn’t already know this, depresses your nervous system. And when you’re in that typical boozy state, you have the potential of turning into one big party-pooper.

Don’t Argue with Highway Security Officials

This advice is obvious, and it becomes even more consequential when you’re traveling in a foreign country. If they ask you to pull over, do that. And don’t get testy in your responses. It sucks, but it is what it is!

Keep your Personal IDs in your Wallet (or Bag Pack)

This suggestion ties in with the one above. Your State ID, Driver’s License, Passport, Visa and Car Registration documents guarantee your safety from the authorities. And trust me, you never want to travel without them.

Bringing Some Entertainment Along

When on a road trip, it always pays to bring some onscreen entertainment along. On this front, my basic cable xfinity package has me covered. By using it, I’m able to stream my favorite Desperate Housewives episodes whenever I’m not the one driving. Or when my friends are being intolerable for some reason.


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