5 Attractions of Arequipa

Top Tourist Attractions of Arequipa, Peru

Arequipa is one of the most important places in Peru, that is the main reason why you can find so many things to do and famous places to visit. Now, I am going to show you the most popular places that you can visit there.

1. Colca Canyon


This is one of the principal tourist destinations, they hold traditional festivities, where they show crafts and textiles of the place. This canyon is originated by the fault of the Andes and the Colca River, reaching a Depth of 3400 meters, it is considered ‘’the deeper canyon of the planet’’. If you are an eager mountaineer can try the high peaks of the area it will be easy to find mountain guides that will accompany you to meet the origin of the Amazon river and also ascend to the snowy Ampato, Sabancaya.

If your hobby is hiking you could make excursions for all the corners of the valley, which will not only show you the amazing Flora, Fauna, and landscapes, there are also archaeological remains and towns. You can do so many sports like cycling or even the boating, during the tour of this valley you can find more than 14 towns, so, it is not a small town.

2. Church of the company


This church was built in 1698 and is a tourist attraction too much visited, you can find structure made of ashlar of a volcano. Inside this church, you can see Cuzco paintings, the style of this place is kind of baroque of Arequipa.

Inside the church, you can appreciate the carved wooden altarpieces coated with gold leaf. In the sacristy, there is the chapel of Saint Ignacio, with polychrome murals that show the tropical Flora and Fauna. The construction begins in 1590 and was under the direction of brother Felipe, it was completed in 1698. As much as other building of Arequipa, the material for the construction is from the quarries of Misti volcano.

The church can be visited every day from 8 am to 8 pm.

3. Yanahuara City sight


It is located in the district that has the same name, Yanahauara, from there you can see the amazing landscapes of Arequipa including 3 of the most famous volcanos, the Misti being the most famous, the Chanchani and the Pichu Pichu. Yanahuara is an approximated distance of 2 kilometers of Arequipa.

This place has pictures, narrow and old streets but what is clearly the most outstanding is the ‘’Mirador Yanahuara’’ where you can see full of the city. This place, located on the side of the plaza has an extraordinary view of the city. The Yanahuara viewpoint was built in the 19th century and is made up of a series of ashlar arches in which the words of illustrious from Arequipa have been engraved.

4. Santa Catalina Monastery


It was founded in 1579, it was affected so many times because of the earthquakes and rebuilt to be conserved with the original aspect, it is close to the ‘’Plaza de Armas’’. Is considered one of the most important religious buildings in Peru.

Also can be found the cloister of Sor Ana de Los Angeles Monteagudo which was beatified by Pope Juan Pablo II in 1985. This monastery has more than 20 thousands square feet’s currently.

5. Plaza de Armas


Like every city, this is a central tourist place, this is where we can find the Cathedral, in this place Arequipa was founded, this is where we can also find the Company church and the famous portals of Arequipa that were the town council of the city in his viceregal era before.

It contains beautiful pools throughout the square and some small ornaments that make a great site for tourism or take a little break, even to have a good walk with some friends or the family.

Tourist places of Arequipa are the most visited from Peru, this is because Arequipa is one of the more modern cities of Peru and their people is gentler, you will find a little bit of everything.

When is the best time to visit Arequipa?

Winter season between the months of May to September is the best time to visit Arequipa. It is true that in Arequipa, Peru there is a lot of sun during the day, because of that you must take products of skin care and light clothing for the day. However, at night is totally different, they may have torrential rain, the weather is very cold, that is why we recommend that you have to take winter clothes on your trip because the weather is very unpredictable but if you did not take winter clothes you can buy them in an online store called Tinkuy, it has so many good references for winter clothes.

Plan this year to visit this beautiful place, you won’t regret, you can also look for more places to visit Arequipa.


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