4 Places to Explore in Oman Apart from Hyped Tourist Places

Travelers go place to place to witness the hyped beauty of famous tourist destinations in the world. But a true globetrotter explores the in and out the beauty of a place. Traveling not only proffers you with ample opportunities to experience, learn and witness the world on your own, but it also connects you with the culture and tradition of the place.

Oman is one such place that instantly embraces its guests and takes them to a tour to beyond just deserts. Although people visiting the Arabian peninsula, prefers UAE to be the hot pick, here Oman comes up to be a wonder to the world. It has a lot to offer to the world, the only thing that needs, is the honest desire to explore the enchanting beauty of the land.

Glittering deserts, rich tradition, enthralling heritage, vigorous market, wild camping, miles and miles unpaved roads and a bunch of people who are bestowed with bigger hearts, Oman is undoubtedly a land for all. Go beyond just Dubai and Abu Dhabi and treat yourself with an amazing view of this land.

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The remote villages of Oman

Oman is a less populated country and the villages in Oman embodies the life of Omanis in all its simplicity and harness and reflects the extent of its adaptation to the surrounding environment, demonstrating how to use natural resources to fulfill the basic needs. The most beautiful village is Bilad Said. Lying amidst the mountain range of Oman, only after reaching this village, you will realize that it worth the efforts.

Omani deserts

An Omani desert safari takes you from the heart of its picturesque capital, deep into the mountains, deserts and tribal strongholds of the old Omani Imamate.

If you are fond of desert safaris, sand dunes and a night stay camping amidst desert under the open sky that is glittering with millions of stars, Oman is a paradise for you.

To experience the eternal beauty of nature, there’s nothing can be better than Oman itself. The amazing sand dunes which can be as high as 200 meters, is located in Wahiba desert, which you can’t afford to miss whenever you are in Oman.

Lush green Wadis of Oman

Even though Oman lacks rain, but the country is verdant and one can see the pools of water in the Wadis located in Oman. The vivid natural pools of Oman are so enticing that one would love to delve down to take a swim. Wadi Shab is one of the most hyped Wadis in Oman.

Nizwa town

Nizwa was the capital of Oman during the 6th and 7th century and is one of the oldest cities of the Sultanate. The town is verdurous and portrays the perfect assimilation of modern infrastructure with ancient vibes. The town is famous for its fortress and towers. You can visit the fortress and see the museum to explore the ancient heritage of Oman.

Oman island for history worms and travel enthusiasts. This country has a lot to offer, which it has been keeping since long and opens up only to those, who pay their visit to this rich Sultanate of middle-east.

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