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3 things I learned after getting a beat down from Trump (in Hearthstone’s Scholomance Academy)


Ah, reminds me of my school days. When I took all that acid at lunch. (Image credit: Blizzard)

Blizzard’s decision to allow high-profile streamers to sample each new Hearthstone expansion a few days early hasn’t always sat well with the community. The argument goes that the therorycrafting session (which lasts a few hours) sucks some of the thrill of discovery out of launch day, with Blizzard’s obvious counterpoint being that the biggest personalities in the scene getting excited is priceless advertising for the new set. I can see both sides, and let’s be real, was never going to turn down a chance to mess with the Scholomance Academy a week early.

What I hadn’t reckoned with was how many of the world’s best players would be handing my arse to me live on Twitch. In my first game I queued against David “Dog” Caero, and somehow emerged victorious with my janky Stealth Rogue deck, despite my best attempts to throw at the end. It turns out Dog thought I was BM-ing because my attacks were ordered so badly, but the reality was that the excitement at having the W in sight caused me to completely forget he had Bulwark of Azzinoth up.


(Image credit: Blizzard)

Glide is a new Demon Hunter card, and as such will be nerfed a week after it’s released. Don’t blame me, those are just the rules.

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