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17 Health Care Workers Who Prove It’s the Year of the Nurse


“If you save one life, you’re a hero. If you save 100 lives, you’re a nurse.” 

While any and all hospital and health care workers deserve our gratitude and praise during the Coronavirus pandemic, today is a special day dedicated to a certain group of caregivers. In case you didn’t already guess, today is National Nurses Day.

Across the country and around the world, people are giving thanks to the nurses who have helped them get through a health scare. And this year, it’s impossible not to highlight their work during COVID-19.

One brave individual who deserves a round of applause is ER nurse Ana Wilkinson who recently traveled from San Diego, Calif., to New York City in hopes of helping a state in need. 

“This year is the year of the nurses because of recent circumstances that have brought the profession out into the light. Nursing is one of the oldest professions and at its core is extending a human touch to those in need,” she shared with E! News. “Nurses are not the heroes with shiny shields or badges, but rather the ones who hold your hand in the darkest hour and tell you that they are here for you and that they will do everything they humanly can to help.”

Ana continued, “This is the year of the nurse because never before has it been so clear that we rely on nurses to help us.” 

Prepare to get inspired and scroll down for more nurses showcasing bravery, selflessness and heroism during challenging times. Nurses, we thank you! 


Nurses Day, Christine Charles Ziobro


Nurses Day, Andrea Dalzell


Nurses Day, Carlie McNiff

Carlie McNiff

Nurses Day


Nurses Day, Elisa Marie


Nurses Day, Emily Pavlovich


Nurses Day, Alexis Petracek

Instagram @alexispetracek

Nurses Day, Brandan Taylor


Nurses Day, Mary Ram


Nurses Day, Ana Wilkinson


Nurses Day, Sarah Ludwig


Nurses Day, Kimmie


Nurses Day, Jennie-Grace


Nurses Day, Nurse Sarah


Nurses Day, Kelly Fitzpatrick

Instagram @thefitzzz

Nurses Day, Kevin


For the latest updates on the coronavirus pandemic and for tips on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19, please visit The Center for Disease Control and Prevention at https://www.cdc.gov.

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