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12 Premium workout gear and gadgets for your home » Gadget Flow


Looking to upgrade your at-home workouts? Then you’re reading the right blog post because today we’re rounding up our favorite premium workout gear and accessories. Because with tech, it’s never been easier to get an effective workout at home. Check out the products below for the ultimate additions to your home gym.

You want the best when it comes to your home workout equipment. And these days, tech has made it easier than ever to have a great workout. The gadgets below are premium workout gear and gadgets that’ll make you proud every time you complete a training session. We’re talking about home fitness equipment that brings you classes as well as convenient storage for your weights. And a wooden bike that adds beauty to any room.

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These are the gadgets that will take your workouts to the next level; like having a personal trainer at home who’s ready for you anytime. Check out this gear to see how tech can transform your exercise routine and help you achieve a whole new state of well-being.

JAXJOX InteractiveStudio Home Fitness Equipment

First up on our roundup of premium workout gear is the JAXJOX InteractiveStudio Home Fitness Equipment. This workout equipment stores all of your weights and comes with a 43-inch touchscreen. A monthly subscription includes on-screen workout routines, including live and on-demand classes.

Echelon Row Smart Rowing Machine

The Echelon Row Smart Rowing Machine helps you strengthen your muscles at home. This smart rower takes you down preprogrammed rivers and other locations and a subscription gives you access to Echelon’s floorwork classes. Staying in shape has never been more enjoyable.

Hydrow Connected Rowing Machine

The Hydrow Connected Rowing Machine is another great item on our list of premium workout gear. This machine has a built-in display that connects you to four different experiences: live classes from instructors, recorded river/studio sessions, serene rivers, and full-body workouts. With its comprehensive options, Hydrow has pretty much everything you need from a workout.

NOHrD Bike Wooden Indoor Bicycle

The NOHrD Bike Wooden Indoor Bicycle makes a beautiful addition to any room with its all-wood body and steel accents. It’s also a great piece of workout gear with its resistance wheel that lets you adjust the pedal stroke and its wear-free magnetic brake. Connect your iOS or Android device to the app for data about your training sessions.

Tonal Intelligent Fitness System

The Tonal Intelligent Fitness System changes how you exercise. This personalized workout equipment delivers interactive video exercises provided by machine learning. It uses digital weights instead of metal plates or gravity for more accurate, smoother lifting. Tonal is a personal trainer and whole gym in one device.

Peloton Bike+ Home Exercise Bicycle

The Peloton Bike+ Home Exercise Bicycle is another excellent piece of premium workout gear. This bicycle lets you cycle, do yoga, meditate, and more on the 23.8-inch HD rotating touchscreen. It also comes with a high-fidelity four-speaker sound system that makes sure you can hear your instructor and your favorite workout tunes.

Peloton Tread Running Machine

The Peloton Tread Running Machine provides a total body workout. With its built-in display, this treadmill motivates you to keep running. It also offers classes that help tone your muscles. Both models—Tread and Tread+—offer different features, but both have knobs for speed and incline, along with access to thousands of Peloton classes.

CLMBR Connected Climbing Machine

The CLMBR Connected Climbing Machine keeps your body positioned properly while you exercise. Its screen is positioned so that you won’t have to lean forward to see it, keeping you in a vertical position that has less impact on your joints. The advanced companion app lets you know when you’ve reached your goals and how high you’ve climbed.

Yves Béhar FORME Life Connected Fitness Mirror

The Yves Béhar FORME Life Connected Fitness Mirror gives you a complete workout at home. This fitness system has a hidden resistance system that simulates weight and gives you access to classes with trainers. Best of all, this six-foot smart mirror blends beautifully into your home.

Tempo Studio AI Home Gym

The Tempo Studio AI Home Gym provides everything you need for an effective home workout, including two dumbells, a barbell, multiple plates, a recovery roller, and more. You’ll also be able to access live and on-demand workouts. Standing six feet tall and two feet wide, it’s like having a personal trainer at home.

NordicTrack X32i Smart HD Touchscreen Treadmill

The NordicTrack X32i Smart HD Touchscreen Treadmill gives you an at-home interactive trainer; its touchscreen. It combines your favorite classes in one machine and can make you feel like you’re at the beach or even running through a forest. Best of all, you’ll have an on-demand library of more than 16,000 workouts.

Thanks to tech, it’s now entirely possible to get an effective, quality workout without ever leaving your house. Some of this equipment even connects you to live instructors. Let us know what premium workout gear you like the most in the comments.

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