12 Easy Tips to Prevent Spiders from Entering Your Home

Australia spiders, like us, want to have a good place to live, so we need to use a number of pest control measures to remove or stop them from entering your home. These easy 12 Tips by Top Dog Pest Control will help prevent them:

Australia spiders, like us, want to have a good place to live, so we need to use a number of pest control measures to remove or stop them from entering your home. These easy 12 Tips by Top Dog Pest Control will help prevent them:

  1. Remove their food supply

Spiders love flies and other insects, if you have food waste bins in or around your home, you will attract flies and other types of insects which will, in turn, attract spiders. Keeping all bins away from the house, especially doors and windows is an effective form of pest control

  1. Remove Outside Lighting at Night

Night lights are a great way to deter unwanted human guests at night, but they attract insects which in turn attract spiders who mainly hunt at night. Try to have your outside lighting away from buildings and entranceways. They’re often more effective shining towards a building than from it and this will keep the insects where the light is brightest

  1. Using Horse Chestnuts to Chase Spiders Away

Horse chestnuts contain an active ingredient that spiders don’t like so are excellent for pest control and harmless to pets and humans. Make a few holes in them and place them under appliances, in cupboards and other areas where you find spiders, they will soon leave

  1. Cat Pest Control

Most people consider cats are great for getting rid of rodents, but they are also really good at removing spiders. Being experienced hunters, they love to chase anything that moves and soon will have your place spider free

  1. Grow Eucalyptus

Spiders don’t like the smell of eucalyptus, so having a few eucalyptus houseplants or window boxes full of them will quickly discourage spiders from wanting to set up camp around your home

  1. Cinnamon For Pest Control

Cinnamon candles or incense gives off a lovely mild spicy sweet smell that humans love, but those with eight legs find very irritating, so will soon vacate the premises

  1. Try Citrus

Citrus is another thing that spiders hate. If you get a piece of fresh lemon, lime or other citrus fruit peel and rub it on areas where you have seen spiders, such as shelves, bookcases, door and window frames as well as skirting boards your spiders will look for a new home

  1. Keep Pet Food Covered

Leaving pet food around inside or near your home will be an insect magnet that will provide a picnic for spiders. Remove all leftover pet food or cover it as soon as your pet has finished feeding

  1. Homemade Nontoxic Sprays

Some easy to make nontoxic sprays for pest control

  • Vinegar, place a mixture of 25% white vinegar to 75% pure, freshwater in a spray bottle and spray it into all the cracks and crevices you can find you’ll quickly deter spiders. As soon as it dries, the smell will go along with the spiders
  • Peppermint, place about 20 drops of essential oils of peppermint into a 1-litre spray bottle and fill with water. Deal to the corners, underside areas and cracks around the home. If you like peppermint tea, place the used tea bags around for a similar effect
  • Lavender essential oils are also an effective spider and other pest control method instead of peppermint
  • Bleach, when diluted with water, is also a good homemade pesticide
  1. Keep it Clean and Tidy

One very effective way to stop spiders living in the home is to vacuum and dust regularly so they aren’t able to build nests and webs

  1. Clean Your Garden an Outside Areas

An unruly garden, long grass and lots of bric-a-brac around help spiders find plenty of good places to live before migrating into your home. By keeping the outside areas well maintained it eliminates any spiders

  1. Seal Up Any Holes or Cracks

Spiders come in through cracks and gaps so seal these to stop them entering

Common sense and cleanliness are one of the best ways to stop spiders entering your home. Effective pest control can be achieved by using such things as eucalyptus, lavender, citrus, vinegar, bleach and peppermint.


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