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12 Best Bottles of Champagne for Mimosas


A mimosa in your glass is an inherently happy thing: bubbly, zingy, and frequently indicative of a special occasion—for instance, any weekend morning. Though the formula is simple, the question frequently comes up: what is the best Champagne for mimosas?

The answer is as delightful as the formula of orange juice and Champagne itself: any sparkling wine you deem worthy. Whether you spring for bottles of bona fide Champagne or reach for Spanish cava, Italian prosecco, or any other kind of imported or domestic bubbles (here are some great ones), the resulting mimosa will be a delicious, satisfying pairing for your favorite mid-morning dish.

We asked fellow editors and contributors for the wines they keep going back to, and came up with a list of our 12 favorite bottles of Champagne for mimosas (or sparkling wine of choice) that deserve a spot at your brunch table. Break out the flutes, tumblers, and coupes (whichever level of fancy you fancy) and prepare your toasts (or just toast).

1. Kalkspitz Pet-Nat

In my seemingly never-ending quest to annoy people by saying I prefer to only drink (the exceedingly general term) “natural wines”—I’m serious about the stuff when it comes to mimosas, as most conventional sparkling wines (even the “dry” ones) used in the cocktail are simply too sweet for my taste. In a mimosa, I’ll opt for a biodynamic pet-nat (sparkling natural wine), like Kalkspitz. It’s pretty acidic and savory, which I think pairs delightfully with sweet orange juice (just a splash, freshly squeezed). Don’t roll your eyes until you’ve tried it! —Rebecca Firkser, Assigning Editor

2. J Vineyards Sparkling Rosé

I like to flip the script a bit for mimosas and opt for a sparkling rosé, and J Vineyards has one of my favorites. It could be because I’m drawn to pink hues, and it could also be because I selfishly enjoy pouring from something that’s already monogrammed for me, but this bubbly is bright, acidic, and not too sweet, making it the perfect complement to freshly squeezed OJ. Sure, the bottle is pricey, but I always want to give non-mimosa drinkers the option to also sip on something special if they appreciate orange notes, but are anti-juice-in-wine. —Joey Skladany, Contributor

3. Valkyrie Selections Mercat Brut

Because I lived in Barcelona, I’m going to have to recommend a cava, which is a Catalan sparkling wine. Valkyrie’s Mercat Brut is super dry and verrry fizzy—just what I want for a mimosa. It’s also a bit nuttier than a prosecco, which offsets the sweetness of the juice quite nicely. —Valerio Farris, Contributor

4. Mionetto Prosecco Brut

Mionetto is dry and a bit tart, which offsets the sweet and unctuous qualities of the orange juice. Also, it’s moderately inexpensive so you don’t feel too bad mixing it with something and not sipping it on its own. —Brinda Ayer, Editorial Lead

5. Mistinguett Cava

Mistinguett Cava is always my go-to for mimosas. It’s fairly dry with tiny, tingly bubbles and holds its own against even the pulpiest juices and nectars. My favorite pairings are mango and peach nectars, but orange juice with a splash of cranberry is great, too! —Jarrett Melendez, Contributor

6. Mumm Napa Brut Reserve

I like a dry, balanced sparkling wine for mimosas—there’s really no need to break the bank here and go full-on Champagne. I’d even argue that the bigger, more aggressive bubbles of lower to mid-price sparkling are better with OJ. That being said, don’t bother with convenience store cheapies, either. I go for domestic or Italian brut bottles hovering just under $20 like Mumm Napa Brut Reserve or Conegliano Prosecco Sommariva. They’re lightly fruity and toasty with a crisp dryness that is a nice counterpoint to juicy, tangy OJ. —Laurel Randolph, Contributor

7. Château Barouillet

I love a wine that tastes like its label. Which, in this bottle’s case, is fun! Lively! Exciting! Sure, pet-nat is not as traditional as Champagne or prosecco. But find one that’s very zesty and sorta grassy and why wouldn’t orange juice want to get involved? —Emma Laperruque, Food Editor

8. Vacanze Italiane Prosecco

Vacanze is extremely dry, super-crisp, and the buzz is light as air. You can, theoretically, drink an entire bottle yourself and still wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, but it’s really ideal for splashing with orange juice to balance the dryness. —Pete Scherer, Contributor

9. Campo Viejo Cava Brut Reserva

When it comes to picking a sparkling wine for a mimosa, I always choose a cava over a prosecco (more complex, more bubbly). I’m always open to trying a new cava but this one came recommended by a friend and I keep returning to it—it’s dry, crisp, and fresh. Plus, very gentle on the wallet. Pair with the fresh, cold juice of clementines or blood oranges (I’m also partial to Trader Joe’s tangerine juice). —Arati Menon, Senior Editor

10. Nyetimber Classic Cuvée

My bubbles of choice is wholeheartedly Nyetimber Classic Cuvée from England’s largest sparkling producer. This outstanding wine is made in the true Champagne style in the beautiful South Downs, which lies on the same geographical line as Champagne, just in a different country. It is creamy and rich, with a refreshing citrus twist, making it perfect for mimosas. —Elaine Lemm, Contributor

11. La Marca Prosecco

I’m not a huge bubbly-drinker, but I will never (ever) turn down a mimosa. Given that it’s mixed with orange juice, I can’t say I’m super-picky about the origins and varietal of the sparkling wine that goes in. More often than not, I gravitate towards the bright blue label of La Marca Prosecco, because, well, I’ve had it and I’ve liked it. Works for me! —Caroline Mullen, Associate Lifestyle Editor

12. McBride Sisters Hawke’s Bay New Zealand Sparkling Brut Rosé

I love supporting women-owned wineries, and McBride Sisters has been my go-to for years (their Black Girl Magic collection is easy on the wallet and the palate). Brut rosé is a great way to keep your mimosa game fresh—with an added rosy glow—and the fresh red berry notes pair as well with OJ as they do with a stack of fruity pancakes. —Jess Kapadia, Senior Editor

What’s your favorite Champagne or sparkling wine for mimosas? Let us know in the comments, we love recommendations.

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