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10 Most Popular Recipes March 2021


I’m not sad to say goodbye to March. I’ll take April any day instead. The asparagus, the strawberries, the shell peas, the sunscreen. And yet! Our most popular new recipes from March slapped, every single one. Take a gander below, then let us know in the comments—which will you make first?

10. Double Chocolate Weed Brownies

First stop: this guide on homemade cannabutter from edibles expert Vanessa Lavorato. Second stop: her extra-chocolatey weed brownies (or, if you’re in a savory mood, her ranch-dusted popcorn).

9. Golden Chicken Broth With Real Egg Noodles from Julia Turshen

A genius, Passover-friendly take on egg noodles—just eggs! nothing else!—from Julia Turshen’s newest cookbook, Simply Julia. Put in whatever broth you love, be it chicken, vegetable, mushroom, you name it.

8. No-Knead Beet Focaccia

This no-knead, too-pretty-for-words focaccia gets its fuchsia hue and earthy flavor from fresh beet juice. And nope, you don’t need a juicer—a blender works great.

7. Greek-Style Chicken Thighs With White Beans

Pantry staples to the rescue! This all-in-one chicken dish hinges on sturdy ingredients, like canned beans and artichokes, plus dried herbs and spices. Then feta and lemon swoop in to dial up the brightness.

6. Tofu Wontons in Chile Oil

Instead of meat or seafood, these vegan wontons start with firm tofu and dried shiitakes. Serve in a brothy, vinegary chile oil you’ll want to drink by the bowlful.

5. Tikka Masala Macaroni & Cheese From Preeti Mistry

A mac and cheese that “wasn’t a mac and cheese to begin with,” writes Kristen Miglore. “It started as a butter chicken recipe at Preeti’s first restaurant, Juhu Beach Club.”

4. Pasta With Marinated Artichoke Sauce

What would happen if you poured a jar of marinated artichokes into a food processor and blitzed it into oblivion? Your new favorite pasta sauce, of course.

3. Salisbury Steak With Herby Mushroom Sauce

Don’t let the lengthy ingredient list deter you. Many are used twice, in both the Salisbury steaks and the mushroom gravy (hi shallot, garlic, Dijon, and Worcestershire!).

2. Tomato Soup With a Whole Head of Garlic

Yes, a whole head of garlic, and don’t you dare skimp on it. It gives this creamy soup a deep, sweet savoriness—perfect for your next grilled cheese.

1. 3-Ingredient Bacon Biscuits

Making bacon? Make these biscuits, too. The recipe takes advantage of all that rendered fat, yielding a fluffy, no-fuss biscuit that’s begging to be teamed up with fried eggs.

What recipes did you cook in March? Tell us in the comments below!

Emma is the food editor at Food52. Before this, she worked a lot of odd jobs, all at the same time. Think: stir-frying noodles on the fly, baking dozens of pastries at 3 a.m., and writing about the history of pie in North Carolina. Now she lives in New Jersey with her husband and their cat, Butter. Stay tuned every Tuesday for Emma’s award-winning column, Big Little Recipes (also the cookbook in October 2021!). And see what she’s up to on Instagram at @emmalaperruque.

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