Your business needs a BLOG (yes, your business too)


Your business needs a blog

Stop right there.

I don’t care if you’re an established brick and mortar business, an exclusively online business or a run-it-from-home direct sales business.  All of these are businesses that would benefit from a blog on their website.

I know what you’re thinking.  You don’t think you need a Blog because ________.  (Insert the same excuses that everyone else gives)  But you do need a Blog and I’m gonna lay it down for you, right now.

Wanna know why Your business needs a blog?

Here’s the deal.  Blogs are big business and they are growing every day.  The FACT is, a business with a Blog will generate more leads than its Blogless competitor/counterpart.  Why?  Because the majority of internet users read Blogs.  To top that tidbit, consumers trust advice and information from Blogs.

If you skip out on having a Blog, you are just handing your business off to your competitor.  Part of growing your business is staying relevant.  You don’t stay relevant by ignoring the trends and best lead generators available.

I dish the facts:

During my research, I found some interesting statistics.  Let’s examine the blogless business vs. the blogging business.


A business that blogs 20x per month (that’s just 4-5 blog posts per week) receives 5 times more website traffic than a business that blogs fewer than 4 times per month.  Hang on.  I think you need to say this part out loud.  Consistent blogging on a business website will attract 5 times more traffic than its blogless (or infrequent) counterpart.  That’s kind of a big deal.  Seriously.  If you’re a business owner that doesn’t have a blog, you should get one!  Right meow…

Your business needs a blog.  Unless you don’t want a 5x increase in your traffic…

A Blog will improve your SEO efforts!

Having a blog means increased SEO for your website.  Your business blog adds more pages, more information and more images that get indexed by search engines.  Meaning- your website will be one of the first things a potential customer sees when they search for related information on google (or other engines).  That’s a big deal.  SEO is the cornerstone of website traffic.

What does a blog do for your bottom line?

Well, since you asked…  Consumers trust a bloggers advice.  That in itself brings serious value to your website.  But, what if I told you that blogging 4-5 times per week would bring you 4x more leads?  It’s true.  Companies that blog just 20 times per month enjoy 4 times more leads than a blogless business.  FOUR TIMES more leads.

What would you do with 4x more leads than you have now?

As you KNOW, more leads = more growth = more revenue = a much healthier bottom line.  But wait, THERE’S MORE!  Those extra leads that are generated by your blog- they cost less than your current lead generating avenues. By adding a consistent blog with solid information, you can boost your customer base!

Why aren’t you blogging yet?

There can only be one answer to that question.  You were unaware that blogging was your businesses’ new BFF.  BUT, now you know.  You can no longer ignore the fact that your business needs a shiny new blog.  So, it’s time to stop procrastinating,  time to stretch your blogging muscles and join me in the blogosphere.  You’re gonna love it here.:)


If you are ready to jump into the wide world of Blogging, I suggest reading a little light ‘homework’.  It will get you started in the right direction.


How to become a better writer now

How to write content for your website

*The following information contains affiliate links to products that I use and love.  If you use my links I may get a commission.  Using my links costs you nothing extra:)

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  1. Hey Nicki

    I totally Agree with you, every business should have a blog! I mean to get with the program its 2015 and the internet defiantly isn’t getting outdated anytime soon. more and more businesses are going internet savvy and you are just going to be left behind if you don’t keep up with what’s trend in this day in age. I currently have 4 blogs of my own! I personally love blogging and being the owner of my own little piece of online real estate

    • That’s awesome Jay! I love having a blog too!

      I really see blogging as the future of advertising. Even if you don’t have a business yet, you should start a blog and build the audience you will need if you later decide to branch out… not to mention what an asset a blog could be for those looking to move up in their careers!

      • totally agree with you I don’t have a business, yet…(physical business) my blogs are my business tho and have the potential to make me huge profits right from home. it doesn’t get better than that. it’s literally the definition of financial freedom don’t you think?

        • Your Blog will be a business if you keep working on it:) I TOTALLY think blogging is the freedom I’ve always wanted. It’s potential has no limits!

  2. Hi Nicki,
    I feel you on this. Having a blog is one of the best things for a business. And even if a business was already well established locally, theres no harm in making an online portal to your products and services. You make some great points here. And I appreciate the time and effort it must have taken to write this article 🙂

    • Hi Billy! Thanks for stopping by:) I think that blogging is only beginning to show it’s true potential.

  3. Hi Nikki! I’m starting a professional photography business and came across your site on blogs! I hadn’t considered adding a blog to my website, but would love your opinion on what kind of blogs I could maybe write about if I were to add any??? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    • You would never run out of things to write about! You could give photo storage tips, and tutorials on the different editing programs… You have so many angles to choose from!

  4. Hello Nicki,

    As a business owner myself, I have come to realize (just this year as a matter of fact) that what you say is absolutely true….A Business MUST have an “Active” Blog that relays “relevant” information to their clients and potential clients in relation to what their business IS and what products and services they provide.

    In my opinion, businesses that do NOT incorporate an active, relative blog will soon realize that their competitors (that do have an active blog) will soon be leaving them in the dust!

    Quick Question: So for businesses that do NOT want to (or can’t afford to) hire someone to build a website, host a website, maintain a website and then do all the writing for them as well….but rather they’d like to learn how to do all this on there own….Where would you recommend they go to obtain such education? Also, where can they go to obtain all the necessary tools to build and maintain such a site and blog? Is there any company out there that is like a “one stop shop” for all the above?

    Thank you for your time and information, you truly have the know how and I trust your opinions…so thanks in advance for getting back in touch with me.

    All The Best,
    Jeremy David Wilson

    • Jeremy,
      Thank you for visiting my tiny piece of online real estate:)
      There is indeed a one stop shop for learning, building and growing your website! It’s a little place that I feel like home, yet get everything necessary to flourish in an ever-changing business climate. That place is known as Wealthy Affiliate. They have taught so many (with NO prior experience) how to be their own webmasters, How to use the internet to effectively grow your business, and even how to start a business from scratch. You don’t have to fear the technical side either… with Wealthy Affiliate, all you need is a way to access the internet to get started. I LOVE it for many reasons! You should come check it out for yourself! Sign up for a totally free account, talk to the members (myself included) and see what Wealthy affiliate can offer you!
      I look forward to seeing you there!

  5. Nicky, very well written blog. You are right, a blog is necessary. It is the advertisement for our business. I have to write more.
    Best regards,

    • Hi, Martha-
      Thank you for the kind words! Blogging is the fastest growing form of advertising. Anyone with a business should master it sooner, rather than later.
      Best wishes:)

  6. Hi Nicki,

    Great article straight to the point. I was not aware that your website will get 5x more traffic just with blogging. I am aware how blogging can improve you SEO rankings, it is a great free tool. I guess many business owners do not understand the benefit of blogging, that is why they do not do it. And also I think people think that blogging is hard, time consuming and they simply don’t believe that they can do it. Business owners simply are not aware of this simple process, it is a bit like doing your books. It is something that you just need to get used to…:)

    • Making a blogging habit can be tough for some! It’s totally worth the extra time and effort though:

  7. Catchy title. Really caught my eye.

    I didn’t realise that most internet users actually read blogs. I can’t remember when the last time that I did, (apart from this one, lol). It is interesting you say how businesses that blog regularly will get more business.

    I am curious to know though how long are these blogs? If the businesses have to blog 4-5 times a week then I bet that there is some job within the business just for this. Am I right?

    • You are correct! There are businesses that hire bloggers to write for them and also some that hire bloggers to work in house.

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