Writing a New Year

Hello, my Lovelies!



2016 is well on its way!  I hope that everyone made their New Years resolutions and you’re ready to work to achieve them!

This year, I’ve resolved to build my little blogs into an EMPIRE.  I’ve been writing my heart out and am glad to say I’ve made some new connections that will help build my network.

If you are a blogger or writer that wants to help grow a blogging EMPIRE, while also growing your own writing/blogging career, I’d like to hear from you!  Tell me your story!  Nicki@licensetoblog.com

We are looking for writers that want to make a name for themselves and bloggers that want to grow their following.

Be a part of our new feature, “Legendary Bloggers Society”.  LtB will introduce a new blogger every month.  You and your stories will be our main focus!  We are looking for bloggers in every niche.  From Humor and parenting to business and finance… we want to hear from you!

Email nicki@licensetoblog.com today


Stay tuned for all of the awesome changes and features to come!


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  1. Hi Nicki. Business empire? One which is wealthy? Sorry for being random. I’m actually relating to the first few paragraphs about empire mentioned.

    I personally am thinking of being a Video blogger, or should I contemporarily call ‘Vlogger’.

    I think it’s more convenient although when I first started vlogging out, it was shaky and nerve racking. But I’m enjoying it now.

    • Hi, Tar-

      I mean empire, in more of a huge-network-of-blogs kind of way…

      I’m beginning to test the waters with videos too. I think a good blog or vlog has a bit of variety:)

      What are your vlogging plans? Send me an email with a link to your blog

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