Why choose a doTerra wholesale membership

Hello, my lovelies!

I’m glad you’re here!  I’ve had several of you ask me the same question when we talk about my love of essential oils.

Why choose a doTerra wholesale membership?

Let’s break this down a bit.  We can look at a few different aspects-

  • Why doTerra
  • The wholesale side
  • Retail
  • The opportunity
peppermint oil

It all started with peppermint oil. I had to try more.

Why DoTerra?

It’s easy.  They go out of their way to certify that their source-to-you oils are pure, therapeutic grade.  DoTerra obtains them from the SOURCE-  Where the plants grown are indigenous, which makes them an eco-friendly option as well.  When plants are grown in their native soil, they are more likely to get proper nutrients.  Plants that are not native are often considered invasive.  Invasive plants can strip the soil of nutrients needed by the native plants.  This has resulted in native plants landing on the endangered list, or worse- wiped out completely.

The resulting oils are always PURE and you can expect that same quality every single shipment.

Doterra has an extensive library of information that they make available to you.  If there is something you want to know about an oil, I can help you find it!

The wholesale side

When you choose a wholesale membership, you don’t just get discounted pricing on all the items you love… you get to earn FREE products, too!  DoTerra features a product of the month that comes *free* with qualifying orders!  They also offer a 10% discount below wholesale on a different product, too!  The wholesale membership is inexpensive at $35.  When you enroll, it comes with an enrollment kit that has loads of helpful information.  There is no minimum order to fulfill and the renewal membership is only $25 per year and comes with a free 15mL of peppermint oil!

I have a fabulous upline filled with incredible people.  When you join us, you get invited to our fb group that has tons of tools, information, how-tos and recipes.  You will meet many wonderful people here that love to share and help

Why doTerra wholesale membership

doTerra essential oil wholesale membership

you!  Contact me for more information about a wholesale membership.  I am always available to help you maximize your membership.

Learning and Growing have never been easier.


Buying retail is just that.  You pay the retail cost for the products.  You don’t earn free products or discounts.  There is no minimum order to fulfill.

Not everybody has an interest in a wholesale account.  Whatever your reason for remaining a retail customer, doTerra makes it easy.  You can either contact me directly by email or order immediately from my doTerra website.  (Once you’ve become a retail customer, you will get my number as well.) Retail is great for anyone that just wants to check it out.  Most people discover that they really like oils and end up becoming a wholesale customer.  Hey, we all love to save money, don’t we?

The opportunity

When I signed up as a wholesale member, I wasn’t even thinking about doTerra as a means to make a living.  I signed up because I was getting serious about oils and my Aunt wanted to make sure I was getting the most from my orders.  I was ordering monthly at this point and there was no reason for me to wait to become a wholesale member.  My Aunt walked me through the sign-up process and gave me a bunch of awesome tips that helped me start earning free product every month.

I began sharing my oils and all the cool stuff I made with my friends and family.  Before I knew it, I was asked about the wholesale membership.  It was easy to explain what it was and how I used it.  Little did I know that this was all there was to sharing the doTerra opportunity.  You can become a Wellness Advocate for only the $35 wholesale membership like I did, or you can choose a variety of different ‘fast-start’ kits so you can explode through the starting line.

The difference between a wholesale membership and a Wellness Advocate

When you sign up as a wholesale member, you can become a Wellness Advocate ANY TIME by simply clicking the ‘become a wellness advocate’ button on your home page in your doTerra account.  You just add your SSN and submit it.  That’s it.

The wholesale membership gives you all the member bonuses- including earning free products.

A Wellness Advocate gets everything that a wholesale membership brings- Only now you are positioned to start your team and become eligible for Team bonuses, commissions and more.  You get your own website for retail customers and anyone wanting to check it out.  You still share in the same way, only now, you may give classes and really spend time teaching others about oils.  Most of us share easily and willingly, simply because we love our experiences with the oils and are excited to tell people about them.

Some Advocates build their team completely in person while others use the internet and social media to grow their teams.  My team is from all over the United States.  We use webinars and facebook groups to help each other learn and grow.  It’s even better than a regular meeting since it’s recorded in case you missed anything!  There are some in my upline that have in-person meetings, but it’s hard to hold those when everyone has different schedules.  The internet has made it soooo easy to attend meetings!

We have so much training (and tools) available that it seems overwhelming at first.  DoTerra provides us with everything you could possibly need to start using oils as a solid career choice.  It’s as easy as sharing your oils and what they’ve done for you!

Why become a Wellness advocate?

Everyone needs to find their own WHY.  This is a common theme in doTerra.  Why do you want to be a Wellness Advocate?  Some people declare their Why quickly and build their goals and achieve them fast.  Others declare their WHY and soon learn it really isn’t their WHY, after all.  Your WHY is unique to you, even if it is the same as many others.

In my upline, there are a lot of VERY successful Advocates.   Some will tell you their WHY is still the same as the day they realized it themselves, while others will tell you that it’s changed, or evolved over time.  You may become an Advocate because essential oils are enjoying some of the fastest growth and popularity right now, making it look like a good income source.  You wouldn’t be wrong.  But, as many others have learned, immersing yourself in the essential oil world tends to become so much more than a source of income.

I didn’t join for the opportunity.  The opportunity found me when I immersed myself into the oils.  I use them daily.  My family uses them.  I help solve others problems with my oils.  I read and learn about them daily.  Sharing came easy and my WHY followed.

Why did I become a Wellness Advocate?


I tried oils.  I loved them.  I explored, learned and created with them.  Essential oils have made a difference in my life and health.  They’ve helped my family and friends take control of their health.  The more I learn and grow, the more I love my oils.  It’s an amazing feeling when you can help solve a problem for yourself and others!

Becoming a wholesale member helped me take control of the health of my family.  Taking control of our health led me to help others take control of theirs.   Becoming an Advocate was a natural choice for me.  My main focus is learning more about oil usage and applying that knowledge in my life.  The more I share my knowledge, the more I advance in doTerra.  WHY doTerra essential oils?  I get to help others learn to use something that I love!  It’s not like work at all.

Your WHY may be to earn a full-time income.  That’s a good WHY.  A full-time income allows you to pay your bills, be a stay at home parent, travel, go to school, etc.  But, more importantly, a full-time income while taking better care of yourself and those around you AND doing it at your pace- your hours- giving you the time for you and your family… those are some *serious* WHY’s.

If you are ready to find your WHY, contact me.  I’ll help you use your oils and/or grow your team!  I love being there for my team through every step of their doTerra journey.






  1. Hello
    I’ve not heard of doTerra before so I found this post quite intriquing.
    I’ve been looking for anything really that would help my son who is suffering with his second bout of cancer at the moment.
    He is having an aggresssive dose of chemotherapy and I wondered if there are any oils that may help him get through this particular phase of his treatment.
    He is very sick with this course of chemo and I wondered if there are any natural products that would help him.
    Thanks for the information

    • hi Jackie,

      Yes, we have a community of people that have used essential oils to help them through cancer.  Please email me at nicki@licensetoblog.com as I would be happy to give you a list of oils and how to use them, as well as other helpful hints to help your son through this phase of treatment.  I look forward to helping you.


  2. Intresting and indepth article on Doterra. A wholesale membership is something that I feel can be beneficial considering a lot of wellness product companies dont allow this that easily, and there is definately money to be made in that area as you see more and more people trying to enter into the wellness suppliment market. This was an interesting read.  I sent you an email and look forward to learning more.

    • Hi Chris,

      Email recieved!  I sent you some great information and a few links to check out, too.  The wellness industry is experiencing a ton of growth right now.  Let me know if you have any questions, we have tons of resources to help you succeed.


  3. Hi Nicki

    I love DoTERRA!
    I have been a member for about 6 months and a number of benefits that come with the wholesale membership are amazing.
    The DoTERRA name is definitely growing and so is my business. I love the online communities and support that you can access!
    Goodluck and best wishes to you

    • Best wishes to you as well, Hailey!  I love the online forums, and especially our fb groups that offer so much support and information.  I’ve learned so much in the past few months and my business just continues to grow! DoTerra is amazing:)

  4. I love essential oils and never knew that doTerra offers a wellness advocate program which would enhance my income possibilities! This is great because with the wholesale membership I can also earn free products! Sounds wonderful and a great way to continue to use the oils I love, and earn money at the same time!

    • You are so right, Amy.  I fell in love with the oils before I ever thought about making money with them.  It’s really an incredible opportunity.

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