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Hello, my Lovelies!

Today, I want to talk about why bloggers should have a photography website.  I know what you’re thinking.  OMG!  I already have a million things on my plate!  How am I supposed to add a photography website too?  The answer is pretty simple really.

Bloggers are some of the most crafty DIYers out there.  Often, we have taught ourselves web design, basic coding, beginning photography, and marketing principles. ( I know… there are a ton of other things we’ve taught ourselves, but that’s another story for another day:)

Photography is a big part of blogging.

When you’re still a blogging infant, it’s not always financially feasible to buy the photos your blog needs.  Being awesome problem solvers, bloggers often learn basic photography to fill their blogs photo needs.  And sometimes, something amazing happens…  Suddenly, your photos are getting you noticed.

“Your photos are your blogs diamond bling.” -Nicki

You either fall in love with the photography aspect of blogging and take amazing blog photos, or you struggle and choke your way through it until you can just buy them.  Either way, your photos are your blogs diamond bling.  For those of you that have learned to take great blog photos, congrats!  You are part of an elite blogging group known as the A-team.  Wait, no… That’s the movie with Hannibal and Face, the crazy guy… Oh! And in the original series, Mr. T!

So, you get my point, right?

You know who you are.  I’ve seen your fancy blog posts with the amazing and relevant photos after every few paragraphs.  I’m not quite there yet.  BUT, I have fabulicious ideas for blog pictures.  Eventually, I do hope to be in the elite blogging group whose photos are the bomb-Diggity.  I know that I don’t use enough photos.  I’m just getting started with the photography aspect, so please be patient.

(I do use affiliate links for products that I use, love or believe in.  SmugMug is one of those things that I use and love!  So I signed up to be an affiliate.  I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you if you decide to use my link to check out SmugMug)

Even though I don’t have many photos for my blog, I have been working on it.  While I was doing my research, I came across a fantastic photography platform. SmugMug is an awesome new photography site that’s perfect for storing personal photos through a full functioning photographers website…  I signed up for the free trial and started checking it out.



This is a screenshot of my home page at SmugMug. That is just one of the cool blog photo ideas that I have.  There will be plenty of photos that I take for my blog that never ever grace one of my articles.  But, what if it would work beautifully for another blogger?  Blogging photos are already something that I am taking for myself and with SmugMug, I can begin to create another income stream for my blog!!!  I know, that realization got me pretty excited too:).

Isn’t that what many of us Bloggers preach?  Multiple income streams, or ‘side hustles’ for adding both value and income to your blogging portfolio.  You’re already taking photos.  Why not add a means to monetize them? SmugMug offers an assortment of plans to choose from, with something for everyone.

Who needs SmugMug?

Do you need a secure place to store your photos online?

Do you need a place to make a family photo album for sharing?

Are you a blogger?

Are you a photographer that needs a stunning (yet easy to use) website to show off your work?

Do you want to sell your photos?

Are you an artist that wants to show and sell their work online?

Are you an affiliate marketer?

I could go on…

But, if you answered Yes to any of the above questions, you NEED SmugMug.  

Let’s start with personal use.



Your Personal online photo album.

Let’s start with the choice of many different stunning themes.  With dozens to choose from, you’re bound to find one that you love!  Once you’ve picked out your theme, find a gallery that you love.  With simple drag-n-drop design options and billions of font and color choices, you will have a personal photo album worthy of envy.

Don’t neglect your videos!  Keep your videos safe and watch them anytime with hi-resolution replay.

SmugMug is perfect for gift-giving.  With over 600 products to choose from, turn your photo into the best gift ever!

SmugMug offers the latest in industry standards for safety and privacy.  With so many features, you’re bound to fall in love.  Start your free trial at SmugMug today!

Need a professional site for your photos or Artwork?

You’ll be right at home with SmugMug.  Easily create a professional website (custom domain options available too) that’s sure to get attention!  Customize at every level and grow your photography business with all the needed tools. From an easy to use shopping cart to SEO management and marketing, your online success is just a click away at SmugMug.

Protect your work, sell your photos, track your efforts and excel at SmugMug.    There are many reasons to choose SmugMug, but for me, it was the ease of use.  Selling my photos online is only a small part of my blogging empire.  I needed a fast and easy way to make my photos work for me in more than one way.   For me, the choice was easy.  You don’t have to take my word for it.  Check it out for free.  You need it… and you’re gonna love it.  Check out SmugMug for your professional needs.

Bloggers and Affiliate marketers-

My lovelies, this is an awesome program.  Not only can you sign up to be an affiliate but you can sell the photos you already take for your blog!  You don’t have to do both just because I am;)  The affiliate program is top notch, and they have a dedicated affiliate team to tend to your needs.  Did I mention they’re super responsive?  I emailed a question and received a quick and helpful response.

This is an amazing program for bloggers.  On my personal facebook page (that we don’t spend time growing or adding) I bet I know at least 3 photographers!  I bet that you also know several people on your friends and family list that are photo hounds.  This is a super easy program to market because you can write about 20 different articles based on SmugMug alone.

Get in on a fantastic affiliate experience now, at SmugMug.



Eventually, everyone will have a photo website.  Some will never need more than a personal photo album to store all of their photos while others will love the ease of monetizing, even if they’re not professional photographers.  Stay ahead of the crowd and get yours started today!

As always, comment below or hit my email- Nicki@licensetoblog.com.

Watch for updates as I learn and grow my SmugMug account!



  1. Hi,

    I think you are right about every blogger getting their personal photography website. There is nothing as enjoyable as having your own stuff. So you are right.

    This depicts that to have your own photography website you should have at least a camera. So can one use his or her smartphone with rear camera of about 8MP or 13MP?


    • I’ve seen many nice photos taken with a smart phone, but eventually you will want to upgrade to a quality camera. They just have more capabilities:

  2. I never really thought about setting up a photography site. I do have a decent DSLR camera, but I bought that mostly for video making. However, I know my niche is popular, so perhaps selling photos is an idea worth pursuing. Do you do anything special to promote your photo site?

    • SmugMug has awesome marketing tools, and with the free 14 day trial, you can’t go wrong:)check them out!

  3. Hi Nicki

    I never knew about Smugmug until now. I never thought about joining a photography website and it might just be something worth looking into.

    I am not a photographer, but I know of a couple of people that are that might be interested. How long have you been a member of Smugmug?

    • I discovered SmugMug a few weeks ago. I researched and checked out the website and all they had to offer before signing up. I immediately started seeing the potential and have been getting my ‘albums’ uploaded and ready for sale ever since. Anyone can use it, but I see huge potential for photographers and artists. I spoke to an artist friend the other day and made a deal to carry his art prints. SmugMug has over 600 products you can print on… I think this is gonna be amazing:)

  4. Hey Nicki

    Thanks for some great ideas and a wonderful post on why bloggers should have a photography website.

    This is something that never occurred to me as I don’t really take my own photo’s, I do however spend hours editing and mixing up all sort of pics that I find online available for commercial use.

    So I will definitely be taking a look at smugmug.

    Your writing is fantastic, I thoroughly enjoyed the post and found myself laughing a couple times while reading it as well.

    Keep up the awesome work and Ill be sure to let you know what I think of smugmug.


    • Thanks Marc!
      I try to write just like I talk to my friends:). Thanks for stopping by, and the kind words!

  5. I’ve been using some free photos from websites that offer free pics. But often they are limited. I rarely used my own pictures but you gave me a good idea. I should start taking some pictures. I mean it’s convenient to use some free pics but by using your own pics it becomes more personal and original.

    • I agree Joon:)

      I was really stressed at the thought of taking photos for my site at first. Once I got started though, it’s kinda fun and I’ve come up with some neat stuff!

  6. I’m glad I came across this.

    I am a photographer with a photography blog but I’ve never heard of SmugMug. It sounds like an interesting photography site-building website.

    You mention that this site has an affiliate program. How much in terms of percentage does an affiliate receive?

    I’m definitely going to bookmark this site and will make use of it for future websites.

    Thanks for sharing this

    • Hi Ian,

      I’m glad you stopped by!

      Smugmug is very generous with their affiliates. They are an incredibly smart partner for an established photographer! You get to set your rates per photo and they offer printing services on not just paper and canvas, but shirts, mugs, etc as well!

      You’re gonna love them!


  7. Hi there Nicki , that is a great idea and the SmugMug website looks very professional and on top of that is listed on ShareASale , one of the best affiliate networks.

    I really enjoy their team picture as well , is very friendly.

    You are right when you mention how important are photographs for bloggers.A blog is dead without photos , as visual content makes a huge difference.People are getting bored of long texts and articles , they need visual action.

    Good job , keep on blogging and shooting photos.

    • Thanks, Tasos!

      I’m working on photos all the time and hope to reach 3-5 photos per bog post very soon:)

  8. Very well done. Cheers on the good work and keep up the engaging and compelling writing style. I’ll have to check into this. I hadn’t thought about selling my photos until now. It makes sense to have another income stream. How many photos do you think you should have to get started?

    • Hi Maurice-

      Most bloggers rack up the photos quickly, so you shouldn’t have a problem populating the site. I’d say a good starting point would probably be 20, but I think you’ll find that aa small number once you start adding photos:)

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