Why Bloggers need Tsu

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bloggers need tsu

Bloggers need Tsu- a revenue sharing social network.

I hope you’re all doing well!  It’s crazy that January is almost over already.  I have a lot planned for the coming months and hope to stay on track.  Winter has been a little crazier than I thought and I have found it difficult to stick to a posting and writing schedule!!!  Is anyone else having that problem?  (Stick around for a little while and I’ll get to why bloggers need Tsu.)

I’ve spent some time reading the blogs of others lately.  I’m still not so great at commenting, but I’ll get there.  There’s one theme that I’ve noticed on almost every blog I read…  we ALL need readers!  Most of you get the readers by promoting on social media.  (I’m working on that)  While others use blog sharing sites and others still are networking Gods.

Some of you seem to have it all figured out.  You have a social sharing schedule with really nice sized social followings.  I’m totally envious of your social followings.  I have basically a newborn Google+ and Twitter, my facebook pages for my blogs are barely in existence since I JUST made them a few weeks ago, and I don’t even have an Instagram yet.  My Pinterest following is growing steady at about 4200 strong… but I’m just not so good with social growth yet.  I need a plan!

OK, now to the Tsu part…

I did start playing with something new the other day.  I ran across an article promoting this social site called Tsu.  Have you heard of it?  It’s similar to the social sites you’re already using, like Facebook.  Tsu is different from Facebook in a very big way.  Tsu is a revenue sharing site for those that contribute original content, like your blog posts.  Tsu is a place to share your content, grow your readership and earn another income stream.

Tsu is super Blogger friendly

lap cat

Wanna check it out?  You can sign up for a FREE account HERE, or just read more about it.  I started my account a few days ago, then I just started posting some of my articles from both of my blogs.  By my 3rd share, I gained my first follower!  Your posts enter the public feed so that other Tsu users can find you!  It’s perfect for Bloggers that are trying to grow their following.

Tsu isn’t just great for Bloggers.  Any business that posts new and original content can benefit from it too!

I’m brand new to Tsu and very much in the beginning/experimental phase.  I don’t know the ideal times to post yet or anything else for that matter but I’m excited to figure it all out.  I’m currently posting new content 3-4 times per week, but I would love to try posting daily at some point.

Are there any other Bloggers out there that use Tsu?  There are very few Blogging groups yet and I would love to see more Bloggers join so we could help each other grow.  It seems very small and still in the growing phase, which is usually the best time to get on board with a social site.  If any of you are like me and kick yourselves in the butt for not getting a Pinterest when it first started, then this may be our chance at social GREATNESS!

If you decide to join me on Tsu, make sure you read their FAQ so you don’t share things that aren’t allowed.  They do not like that spammy ‘follow me’ stuff that you see on other sites.  They want their members to build genuine followings by simply sharing your own awesome content!  This is very different from other social sites that encourage the follow-for-follow model.  Share your content regularly and share Tsu with your readers and Blogger friends and see what Tsu can do for you!

I hope to see you on Tsu!  Come back for my updates as I learn this new social media channel!  I hope to have great things to report to you:)


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  1. I am very impressed with your post. I am trying to write posts and blogs for my website which are tricky to me as I am not a good storyteller. I like to play with facts but your website has given me quite a few valuable lessons which I will put into practice. Thanks you. Good layout of your website.

    • Thanks!

      I have several really good content writing articles that you should check out. They are geared towards beginners and really helps you to break down the process and make it go faster and easier.

  2. So… TSU is another social media platform? I did check out the website, and it looks pretty cool. I do think that it could be another beneficial avenue to build a social media brand, if it works as it is ultimately advertised. And, their website is certainly good looking (so is yours). I think I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the invite!

    • Hi Christian!

      Glad you’re joining! I can’t wait to see the growth. I have always wondered what it would be like to be among the first on a new social site, and Im really excited that its a revenue sharing platform.

  3. Hi Nicki,

    Thanks for sharing Tsu. I personally used another similar platform called hubpages before to grow my following and I only have 3 followers until now (8th month), haha! I admit, I dont contribute regularly. I only have 5 featured articles, 2 of which I already unpublished and migrated to my own site. I have also earned .08 dollars from adsense since 8 months ago lol. I’ll probably see how Tsu is any different. 🙂 Thanks again!

    • I had checked into hubpages quite some time ago but never did give it a go. I think I read somewhere that it was just as time-consuming as growing your blog and website following so I just focused my efforts on other growth ideas. Check out Tsu and let me know what you think. I’m posting content there once or twice a week. I have 2 of my sites listed there and share from both. I’m planning to invite friends from facebook and pinterest soon too… I hope to build a strong blogging network there.

  4. Thank you for providing this information about Tsu. It seems like an option to check out for sure. I am trying to find more readers and followers for my site and this can’t hurt. I appreciate finding new areas to find readers/followers. I admit I love developing content for my site, but then I get bummed if no one visits!

    • That is probably the hardest part of blogging… You really are blogging to an absent audience until that day you finally grow an audience. I love developing content too, just keep going until the readers find you!:) Keep trying different avenues until you find one that works!

  5. Wow. I have never heard of Tsu before. It seems however, like something i definitely should look into! I’m very grateful to have learned about this site. Thank you for writing about it. It is very detailed and it really explains what it can do for bloggers. Well done!
    Which kind of blogs would you say would benefit most from Tsu?

    • Hi, Daniel-

      Tsu has just about every type of blog represented and it’s growing every day. Check it out and see what you think:

  6. Hi there,

    Nice article on TSU, I am part of that network but I’ll admit I find it a bit naff and have nt used my TSU in nearly 2 years.

    How can TSU help bloggers?

    Personally I have kick ass social followings on Twitter (50k between two accounts) and 5k on pinterest. Obviously I get targeted traffic and clicks via those networks but as far as TSU is concerned how do, or how would it benefit my business and brand and help get targeted traffic to my site?

    • Hi, Derek!

      I’m so glad you asked!

      First, Tsu readers find you when you post regularly. You can post articles direct from your site, so you get fresh clicks when Tsu followers like and share and click on your post. I post to Tsu every time I create new content for my sites.

      Second, Tsu is a revenue sharing social network. Meaning, when you grow your audience and readership on Tsu, you get a piece of the revenue. Bloggers win two ways. They get a boost in site views and they get another income stream.

      Give a try:)


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